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Life Without Guilt

Volume 23 


Greetings Fellow Advocate for Self-empowerment,


Last week, we took a closer look at anger and how it diminishes us and keeps us from living an empowered life. This week we are going to focus on guilt.  


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Sending Peace Your Way,

June Blunk
Life Without Guilt
Action for the week:


This week take a closer look at how you allow yourself to be negatively influenced by guilt. Sometimes we think that it helps us make better decisions because we feel bad about our choices and actions. Sometimes we think that if we make others feel guilty about their choices, it will push them to make a better choice next time around.


These lines of thinking are understandable and guilt definitely comes into play during our lives. I want you to take on a different perspective on the subject this week. Time to evolve to another level of understanding guilt.


Guilt is often hidden from our conscious minds although it may be hurting us greatly. Below are some examples of guilty lines of thinking. Read them over to find out which lines resonate with you. Then take some time reflecting on how guilt is unconsciously showing up in your life. Allow yourself to find a better perspective. Don't think or judge what comes to mind, just be willing and open.


- I often fear that I am doing something wrong or making a mistake.


- I look for ways to resolve other people's problems and feel bad when things don't go well. 


- I question my actions and words.


- I think guilt motivates people to make better choices.


- I have regrets and wish that I did things differently.


- I have bad feelings that surface at times but do not know why.


- I have a hard time forgiving myself and/or other people.

 empowered soul

Perfectionism can be connected to guilt and so can anger. You may feel very strong emotions when you look at the statements above. Allow yourself to understand what is happening emotionally and why.


Awareness provides a path to freedom and peace. Free yourself from guilt and find a way to be at peace with yourself. Learn how to live life without guilt.



Thought for the week:


Guilt is a ball and chain linking us to negativity. Free yourself and be at peace.   




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