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Maintain a No Complaining Rule

Volume 24 


Greetings Fellow Advocate for Self-empowerment,


Are you ready to shift to acceptance and gratitude? Maintain a no complaining rule.  


Please pass this newsletter on to any hardened complainers that you feel would benefit from this message.  


Sending Peace Your Way,

June Blunk
Maintain a No Complaining Rule
Action for the week:


Remember when you were a child and it was strongly suggested that you stop complaining when your whining was annoying to those around you? Well, this simple concept also applies to self-empowerment.


Ironically, it may have been some of the wisest advice you were ever given. Of course it may have been presented in a nonconstructive manner, however, complaining is not empowering. Yes, you do know this and understand. But do you take control of your thoughts and choose gratitude and acceptance over complaining? Do you choose peace over controling what is not yours to control?


Think about it:


What benefit does complaining provide?

I can't think of any benefits. I know that it perpetuates bad feelings and makes you feel out of control.  Plus, no one really likes to be in the company of a complainer except for a fellow complainer. 


How does complaining elevate your thinking and your state of being?

It doesn't, and you certainly know it. Often it is a bad habit. Sometimes it is an indicator that our stress levels are high.


What are you really complaining about? What is happening on a deeper level? What can you do to feel better?

These are great questions to ask yourself. It will help you address the core problem instead of avoiding what you really need to do.


Complaining fuels us in a negative way. It lures us into a bad mood and negative thinking. Sure, we all will complain on occasion. The world we live in can be a challenge at times, however, fostering an attitude that moves away from complaining is empowering.


This week keep your spirits and energy level high. Feel good about what you can control and choose. Choose peace, love, acceptance and gratitude.



Thought for the week:


I feel good because I maintain a positive state of mind.   



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