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In This Issue: Nothing is Required!

Volume 46 


Greetings Fellow Advocate for Self-empowerment,


When I journaled this morning I was brought to tears. Tears of joy. Take some time to reflect on my newsletter this week so that you can be brought to tears of joy. 


Please pass this newsletter on to family and friends that you feel would benefit from this message.  


Sending Peace Your Way,

June Blunk
Action for the week:
What would change for you if you fully knew that nothing is required to experience love?
It doesn't matter if self-empowerment is a new venture for you or if you have been doing it for years. Please carefully consider and quietly think about the question that I have asked you above.
Some of these wonderful changes would surely happen for many of you:
Guilt would melt away...
What you thought that you should or shouldn't do, what you regretted or doubted about yourself, would never come into play. How wonderful! Right?
Judgment of yourself, and anything for that matter, would cease...
Can you imagine how awesome that would be? Your mind would be soooo quiet and clear.
Doubt, fear, anxiety and stress would be a thing of the past...
Seriously they would. You would understand that nothing is required to experience love. NOTHING! You could just feel wonderful. You could just move through your life effortlessly because that is how we experience love. No drama, no blame, no justifying...just love!
We have it all wrong. Love is not a push toward something, a fixing of this or that, a judgment of something being right or wrong, a defensive or angry posture, a doing or action of any sorts. LOVE REQUIRES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
Wrap your mind around this concept and truth this week and you will surely be brought to tears of joy!  
Thoughts for the week: Transformation by June Blunk
Love just is--it is within you for the taking. Don't look or take any action to experience it elsewhere.

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