Golden Wings


Internally Grateful 

Inspiration for

the Self-empowered

by June Blunk


Note to a Friend


         Volume 70            

Dear Advocate for Self-empowerment,

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Sending Peace Your Way,

June Blunk
This is a note I wrote to inspire a dear friend.

I think it will inspire you, too...

True spiritual growth can be far different than we imagine. You obviously are finding this out. I was 37 years old when I started my conscious journey. Facing my fears was at the top of the list and ending self-destructive behaviors. Most of which I had no idea existed. I started silencing my self-judgment as well. All of these things you are doing, too.

The other half of the process involved believing in myself. This meant having confrontations, walking away from situations that were not constructive, and putting myself where I needed to be to become a better person.

I was not going to be taking the easy road. Mind you not because God's will is the hard way, our will is overshadowed with false truths and conditioned thinking. This is the real problem: we lack faith in ourselves. If we had that iempowered souln the first place all we do would be easy.

You will be stretching your limits. You will be fearful at times. It will be hard. However, you will be amazed by what unfolds and your faith will grow thousandfold.

You have within you a force beyond words.
Start trusting life and you will be astounded.

I am not all that different than you. You surely will be astounded. Don't doubt who you are and what you can do--try not to. It will serve you very well.




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