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In This Issue: Patience Equals Peace

Volume 40 


Greetings Fellow Advocate for Self-empowerment,


Life certainly puts us to the test. Don't let it take away

your sense of peace. 


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Sending Peace Your Way,

June Blunk
Patience Equals Peace
Action for the week:  
Patience is a virtue. We have all heard that before. As you know, patience can be difficult to cultivate. We often allow fear to push us toward impatience; stress and an overwhelmed mind will certainly limit our tolerance.
The number one way to cultivate patience is to take good care of your mind. Keep it clear and as stress free as possible. It is likely that stress will be lurking around in your life as long as you live and sometimes more than others, however, you can do your best to keep it at a minimum.
Making self-care a priority is tremendously powerful. It will allow you to de-stress and let go of fears. It will help you unload some of your burdens that create your overwhelmed state. It will give you patience that you did not know that you had.
Are you taking good care of yourself? Or, are you neglecting yourself?
I guarantee that your level of patience is the direct result and proportionate to your level of self-care. No patience means a lack of self-care. Lots of patience means good self-care.
I have yet to meet a person that has no challenges in life. A person that has no stress or fear. I do know people that function well, better than others, and that is greatly impacted by how they treat themselves.
People who do little to help themselves are not patient. That can all change. And what a pleasant change it will be! Think about it...if you help yourself, you will feel better. Start taking steps to make that happen.
Here are some suggestions to cultivate patience:
- Get a good night's sleep
- Eat healthy
- Get some fresh air by getting outside for a bit
- Read a book
- Exercise
- Meditate
- Address your physical issues by consulting a practitioner
For some of you this is a daily ritual of sorts, however, for many it is not. Our bodies and minds will only perform well if they are taken care of every day. Self-neglect creates suffering.
What are you doing to take good care of yourself?
What should you and will you now start doing to minimize your stress?
How are you going to cultivate patience?
What aren't you feeling peace?
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Thought for the week:
The level of peace and patience that I experience indicate how little or much I care
for myself.

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