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Say NO to anger


         Volume 71             

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Say NO to anger...

You can say "NO!" to anger. Here are some important tips that will help you ease your own pain and suffering. When you say "NO!" to anger that is exactly what you will do.

When anger rises it is often due to an insecurity that already exists within ourselves. The perceived person or situation that causes it to rise is rarely the core reason for our reaction. In other words, our frustration although directed at the situation or person at hand, is frequently not the reason for our reaction.

Fear frequently is dictating our angry reactions and failure to address our fearful reactions will enable them to continue.

We are human and it is normal to have anger, however, we can say "NO!" and choose love. Ultimately, it boils down to the fact that you decide how you will live your life, in fear or in love.

Recognizing our anger and frustration as it rises is what will enable us to react differently. A new habit will be born when you actively change your reactions, when you decide that love is the best route no matter what is taking place before you.

Excuses and rationalizing anger and frustration ensures their continuation. 
Today is the perfect day to act out of love. 

Every moment that befalls you today is your opportunity to act out of love. 
Be love always--that is your mission my dear friend.




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June Blunk

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