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See Your Problem as an Outsider

Volume 37 


Greetings Fellow Advocate for Self-empowerment,


We are not our problems. They do exist, but we can make them powerless.   


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Sending Peace Your Way,

June Blunk
See Your Problem as "An Outsider"
Action for the week:
As you well know, we limit who we are and define ourselves in ways that keep us from expanding our reality. This week you are going to see one of your problems as an outsider. You are going to make it powerless.
Okay, get into imagination mode. Think of your problem. Now give it a physical identity. A visual identity. Describe what it looks like and be creative. Use lots of details. 
It could be a cartoon, an object, absolutely anything. See it clearly in your mind. 
Visualize your problem as a separate entity, not a part of you so that you can observe your problem at a distance.
Place your problem in a clear bubble or a transparent membrane of sorts that cannot be broken. Visualize your problem alongside of you and separate from you.
Each time you sense this problem surfacing in your mind, see it where you have placed it alongside of you. Observe your problem and see it as a powerless entity.
Next, visualize the bubble getting smaller, or see it as moving farther away from you. As it gets smaller or farther away, detach from its hold on you. Keep doing this each time you sense it rising in your mind.
After a short period of time you will notice the problem becoming less intense. This is because you have acknowledged your problem, observed it and then let it go.
Make it fun and humorous and that will diminish the intensity even faster.
  Golden Wings

Thoughts for the week:



Problems do not define you or your reality.


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