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Stop Interfearing!


      Volume 68          

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Your empowering mission for the week is to stop interfearing. 


Often in life, we think the best route to take is to jump in and take control of a situation or circumstance. We think that we should give our unsolicited opinion with vigor and zest. We should fix the problem at hand in our own way.

Sometimes it is the best route to take, however, at times it is not. Sometimes we are just plain old interfearing. Yes, I spelled interfearing incorrectly to make a point...fear is influencing us quite often when we interfere.

What we fail to realize at times is we should allow other people to figure out what to do themselves. Micromanaging children, spouses, coworkers and friends can be a very bad idea. We stunt their growth, and for those who are a bit pushy with their opinions and meddling, sometimes a fair amount of damage is done to an important and valued relationship.

Stepping back and allowing someone else to lead can actually be more helpful than grabbing the wheel in certain instances. It can be hard to do, but it can be very effective...
When we give a person an opportunity to have an impact on a situation, we open a doorway, we give them a chance to solve it. We give them a chance to grow.

I have learned a great deal from my mistakes. I rarely learned from following orders.
When we give someone growing room, it allows them to grow. When we trust someone, we build a better relationship. And, when we step back, we show that we care about what the other person thinks and feels which will be missing when we rush in and interfear.
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