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The Gift of Hardship

Volume 30 


Greetings Fellow Advocate for Self-empowerment,


Life is very difficult at times and from hardships many gifts arise.   


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Sending Peace Your Way,

June Blunk
The Gift of Hardship
Action for the week:


Life has taught me to see hardship as a doorway to opportunity. The opportunity to grow and heal--some of life's greatest gifts.


Many experiences have taught me this over the years and it is still happening today. I want to share some of my thoughts about this topic as I know many of you are likely going through some type of hardship. If you aren't, I imagine that someone you love is having a hard time with something in their life and it may be weighing on you.


We all face hardships in life. Hardships come in various shapes and sizes: financial loss, health issues, emotional issues, relationship difficulties, career changes, aging related issues and many others. If you aren't facing a hardship at the moment, you will likely at some point in the future. That is how life works. This you already know.  


My objective is to provide you with a bit of comfort this week and give you something to think about. A new perspective to contemplate, if you haven't already done so for yourself...


I see hardships as gifts because they are a catalyst. They create great discomfort and this gives us a reason to look at our beliefs and fears, and understand how they may or may not be helping us. We question what is and that is a good thing. 


Frequently, fear drives us. We operate unconsciously and react automatically. We live our lives unintentionally. We don't take the time to step back and look at what is happening let alone the reasons why. Essentially, we stay the same until we are pushed to look at life differently. The push is often a hardship of some kind. 


When life plays out as usual, nothing big going on, people often tend to be complacent and refrain from looking for ways to improve their lives. On the other hand, when we get very uncomfortable, we feel the need to move. When our discomfort is greater than our fears and limiting beliefs, a transformation takes place.


The transformation holds a gift. A gift of healing and growth. These gifts become our own when we become willing to look at life with a renewed perspective, when we become willing to let go of the past, and when we begin to take action to make our lives better.


Our discomfort forces us to consider a new direction. Sometimes to a place that we never thought possible. Little frustrations and minor struggles become meaningless. We open up to new possibilities and take some risks. 


All of us know someone that has conquered some of their demons as a result of a tragic situation or circumstance. You may be that someone. All of my hardships have given me a reason to grow and heal. It didn't make the hardship disappear, but it greatly lessened the load.


You have it within you to get through the hardship in front of you. It is there, deep inside of you. Face your discomfort head on. Let go of your limiting beliefs and fears. Intentionally grow and heal. Allow your hardship to move you. Take on a renewed perspective and transform.

  You are Loved





Thought for the week:



The hardships I face will teach

me what I need to know. This wisdom will enable me to

heal and grow.    



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