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In This Issue: The Illusion

Volume 44 


Greetings Fellow Advocate for Self-empowerment,


Are you tired of your fears and how they adversely affect you?

I am going to apply this week's support to my life.

I hope that you join me.


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Sending Peace Your Way,

June Blunk
The Illusion
Action for the week:
Say the following statement aloud several times to yourself with authority each time fear rises in your mind: FEAR has NO place in my life.
Allow yourself to understand that fear has no place in your life and it would be best for you to go all out, full force, and make fearlessness a bigger part of your reality to benefit your well-being and lifestyle. The fear that I am referring to is fear that is harmful to you, fear that limits you and the love in your life. 
As you likely have noticed, we revisit the same fears and issues over and over again. This is normal although it can be frustrating. Use your frustration as a springboard to fearlessness. Use your impatience as fuel for your heartfelt desires. In other words, turn the tables:
  • See fear as ignorance. Haven't you found this to be true?
  • See fear as a false set of beliefs that you have been carrying around for a very long time. Has this weight helped you over the years or hurt you?
  • See your fear as something that you no longer need to believe and take note of when it rises in your thoughts. Why drain yourself anymore believing in lies?
  • See your fear as unnecessary and unwarranted. Really, when has fear helped you? When has it hurt you?
  • See fear as an illusion that must be exposed. Does it make any sense to waste your precious time and energy being mislead by false, illusionary, fearful thoughts?
The truth, we often allow our minds to wander off to places that make us feel panicked and out of control. Sometimes we even go out of our way to think about what is harmful and of no value. We let our thoughts spiral downward and go to dark places. In essence, we frequently do a terrible job being the keepers of our minds...

It is time to change and see your fear as an illusion.

Be a loving keeper of your mind.

Use the energy that fuels your fear to fuel the love that you have within.

Take a HUGE stand to let love lead.

Allow fearlessness to make up a bigger part of your reality.

Thoughts for the week: Transformation by June Blunk
End the illusion that fear must lead you.
Let love lead. Only love.

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