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Weathering the Storm

Volume 29 


Greetings Fellow Advocate for Self-empowerment,


Sometimes life gets complicated and we need to weather the storm.   


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Sending Peace Your Way,

June Blunk
Weathering the Storm
Action for the week:


A hard fact of life is that sometimes it can be very difficult and challenging. Sometimes we go through some pretty rough stuff and all we can do is weather the storm.


We can always make the best of what life brings about. Sure, it may not be pleasant or enjoyable, but we can maintain a posture of self-empowerment. We can look for solutions and ways to feel better when the time is right.


I have certainly weathered many storms in my life, and I know that I will in the future. However, I have found that when I keep my spirits high and remember what is truly important in life, the storm doesn't seem to have such a devastating impact on my thoughts and feelings.


The other factor that I have learned to consider is that I need to take good care of myself, especially when life gets tough. I need to take extra time to meditate and journal, and connect with spirit.


Doing these things has a healing effect. It provides an opportunity for insight and wisdom to rise and helps keeps us balanced. Taking a nice long walk can do wonders for a overwhelmed mind. Reading a favorite book can raise your spirits. Music can do the trick too.


When you are amidst a storm, step back and give yourself some breathing room.


  • Ask yourself what you can do to help yourself and write it in your journal. Don't judge or analyze what comes to mind, just write it down. Then do what you need to do to help yourself. No excuses!


  • Look for things to be grateful and thankful for and reflect on those things. Think about what makes you happy and feel good.


  • Call on a friend and talk to them about your difficulties. Be sure to pick a friend that you know will help you feel better and be supportive and loving.


  • Call on your higher power for insight and wisdom. Simply ask for guidance and support. Keep your mind quiet and open until you receive a message by thought or feeling. Act on the insight and own up to what a magnificent person you truly are even in times of difficulty.


  • Do something that makes you feel good whatever that may be. Do it as often as possible to keep your spirits high.


Yes, I have shared these ideas with you before. The problem is that we forget to do them. We let ourselves get really worked up and distracted. We sometimes even decide on some level that we deserve to feel bad so we do little or nothing to help ourselves.


Self-empowerment is a full time reality. It is something that we can do for ourselves at all times. And, we should especially take good care of ourselves when life gets rough. That is not the time to throw all that you have learned out the window. It is the ideal time to put all that you have learned to work, 110%.


If you do these things for yourself, you will find the storm to be less intense and you will lessen some of your stress. You may even find yourself smiling a bit and dealing with the challenge better than you imagined possible. That is what actually happens when you empower yourself.


Make sure that you are helping yourself weather the storms of life. You deserve to have a good life no matter what challenge you are facing.






Thought for the week:



The storms of life may be difficult, but I surely have everything that I need to get through every single one of them.    



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