International Inspiration  

Through the generosity of many, we have been able to receive 10 dogs so far from Turkey through our partnership with a volunteer organization dedicated to saving Golden Retrievers.  We thought an update was in order, filled with thanks to all those who support us.  We are highlighting Luna this time, to show what a difference a caring world can make to a single, desperate animal!

This is Luna, before and after she came to GLGRR.  Luna was found in the forest by some of the volunteers who take food nightly to feed the forest dogs.  As you can see, her skin infection was horrific – can you imagine how much it must have smelled as well as the discomfort she experienced?  She was treated in Turkey and then we offered to take her.  She went to an experienced foster, who claimed she was the most lovable, sweet, happy Golden that she had seen in a long time!  Luna’s treatment had not fully killed the infection, so she was also treated here.  She is very arthritic, obviously an older girl, and although we wondered who would adopt her, we knew someone would return her endless love and affection.  And they did!  Her new owners dote on her endlessly and she is living the fullest, happiest life that she could ever have imagined!  
How did this happen?  Only with the support of these selfless volunteers in Turkey who are determined to give every dog a chance at the life they deserve – whether it be a dog with a debilitating disease like Luna, a dog that has been dumped in the forest, tortured, and then picked up by the volunteers and rescued, or a dog suffering many bite wounds as well as wounds caused by a barbed plant.  This is why we foster . . . to make that difference in the life of a dog who deserves so much more in life.  Working with our selfless friends in Turkey, who share the same goal, we are making that difference.  Recently, we received an e-mail from our Turkish connection, showing the value of our partnership – how rewarding that there is a mutual admiration society between the two organizations!

"I have no words of thanks for what you are doing for our strays.
Sweet Luna had a very sad and tough start of life and misery lasted long years. Her luck turned the day she was found by one of our volunteers one night, and when I sent the photo you never hesitated a second. You immediately told me to send her the moment she was transportable. I was not sure she was going to make it."

So, more than an update, this is a note of thanks to all the volunteers whose combined skills save these dogs, sometimes from a fate worse than death.  It certainly would not be possible without the folks walking through the forests, the vets in Turkey, the folks coordinating the transports overseas, the folks transporting the dogs here in the States and the fosters . . . and, of course, all those who support these efforts financially as well as with their thoughts and prayers.  Finally, thanks to everyone who adopts these lucky dogs!

Rescue the Mistreated, Save the Injured, Love the Abandoned