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We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting an Intermediate and Advanced Spring Break Workshop  March 26th-29th  ( Monday-Thursday ) at Dance Co East Van. 

This workshop will focus on Contemporary, Contemporary Ballet, Jazz styles and will be exclusive to experienced dancers
Don't miss this great opportunity to improv(e) and excel!!!

The Workshop will be taught by esteemed instructors, dancers, and choreographers: 

Lisa Gelley  - Contemporary
Terra Kell  - Contemporary Ballet
Nathalie Heath  - Jazz
Meet Your Faculty
Lisa Gelley

This Week I Plan to Focus On:

These contemporary dance workshops offer a chance for us to look at our approach to dance technique and performance by learning how to listen to our bodies in new ways, developing strength in our weaker spots, and using our imaginations to fuel expression and quality. How do we keep our training inspired and fresh? How do we bring energy to tired bodies? How do we access performance mode on a regular basis? We will build up our dance toolboxes by answering these questions and more, to be used not only in contemporary dance but also in all other forms we are practicing. 
About Lisa: 

Lisa is a versatile performer, teacher and choreographer in contemporary and urban dance. She received her training in her hometown of Vancouver, Canada and abroad in Belgium, France, Italy and Israel. Lisa has trained in R.A.D. ballet, modern, contemporary, tap, hip hop, jazz, circus arts, and aerial dance. She has taught at several studios in Vancouver as well as Ontario, and has taught master classes and adjudicated across Canada. Her competitive choreography has received several awards and accolades at festivals and competitions throughout the country. Lisa has taught at several professional training programs in Vancouver including Modus Operandi, Scholarship Dance Vancouver, Industry Training Program, The Source Dance Company, and ITP at Harbour Dance.

Lisa shares co-artistic directorship of Company 605 with Josh Martin, a contemporary dance company in Vancouver, creating original works through collaborative processes with artists in dance and other disciplines. The company tours regularly through Canada and Internationally, with recent performances in New York, Central America, and Europe. This season, Lisa and Josh will create a commissioned work for Ballet BC. Lisa has performed in works by choreographers including Dana Gingras, Justine Chambers, Amber Funk Barton, Vanessa Goodman, Martha Carter, and was a member of Aeriosa (Julia Taffe) for six years, broadening her practice to include vertical contemporary dance in rock climbing systems on urban building walls and mountains. Lisa is the recipient of the 2015 Vancouver International Dance Festival Choreographic Award.
Terra Kell

This Week I Plan to Focus on:

I absolutely love contemporary ballet as it is a true hybrid of two styles of dance: It fuses the structure and clarity of ballet technique with the freedom of contemporary movement. I like to play with taking your traditional ballet steps and messing them up! Throughout this week we will use structured exercises and fun phrase work to build a better understanding of contemporary ballet and discover the many possibilities our bodies have to offer. I look forward to pushing the dancers to explore new ideas and venture outside their comfort zone!
About Me:
Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Terra Kell started dancing at the age of 7. Her multi disciplinary training took place at Drewitz Dance Productions and the Edge School for Athletes. Terra attended the University of Arizona where she had the opportunity to preform works by many great artists, including Jerome Robbins and Ben Stevenson. She also attended summer programs with Alonzo King LINES, Movement Invention Project, Spellbound Contemporary Ballet (Rome), and Springboard Danse Montreal She received her BFA in dance, and upon graduating joined Visceral Dance Chicago, a contemporary dance company based out of Chicago, Illinois. 

Terra has had the opportunity to teach a wide range of dancers of varying ages and abilities. She loves to see students grow and develop their technique and artistry. Terra is excited to share her experience and knowledge of dance with the upcoming generation! 
Nathalie Heath

This Week I Plan to Focus On:

Technique - I love to jump and turn
Across the floor sequences!

Combos - 1:00-1:30 minutes of choreo that we will piece together and really soak in by the last day, one Lyrical, one jazz

Self love & Support - I love to help facilitate an atmosphere of focusing in on our strengths and lifting others up during class as well, I believe a spring dance workshop should lift our spirits up and away from the mid-year choreography drilling and allow us to get back to our own personal expansion of our artistry.
We will do this through improvisation and an individual project exercise that will be showcased in the class to the attendees. This part of the class is designed to lift each dancer’s spirit and attack competition season with an invigorated passion and attitude.
Last but NOT least - FUN!

I am all about getting things done ✅ BUT it’s important to always keep it enjoyable and fun for the students so that the process is not daunting and they are willing and wanting to return the next day. We will dance together but we will also get to know each other more deeply and create some long lasting memories together over the workshop’s duration.

About me!

Pro dancer turned dance teacher, I love to inspire young minds and help kids find their passion and purpose. I’m driven by passion which is why I teach Dance part-time and do interior design part-time; this gives me the freedom to explore my two favourite pass times within the course of a week. Select dance credits include: 
  • So you think you can Dance Canada
  • Sarah MclAchlan Opening Ceremonies 2010
  • Barbie Animation Dancer and choreographer
  • Hilary Duff’s Dance Double
  • Selena Gomez (Another Cinderella Story)
Scheduling & Registration
Workshop Classes will run between 9:00am-4:00pm. You can register for all disciplines or choose your favourites.

This is a fantastic opportunity to train with some of the industry's finest mentors, increase your flexibility, develop strength, develop our style, step out of your comfort zone, and take your dance training to the next level!

The Advanced Spring Workshop will be split up into two age groups:
-Age 6-8
-Age 9-11
-Age 12+

The scheduling will be as follows (Monday-Thursday March 26th-29th):

Ages 6-8

9:30-10:30  Contemporary Ballet 
10:30-11:30  Jazz
12:45-2:00  Contemporary 

Ages 9-11

9:30-11:00  Jazz 
11:30-12:45  Contemporary Ballet 
1:00-2:00  Contemporary 
2:00-3:00   Jazz 

Ages 12 +

9:30-11:00  Contemporary Ballet 
11:30-1:00  Jazz 
2:00-4:00  Contemporary 

To Register, fill out the registration form which can be  found here  and submit it via email, fax, or in person at either one of the DCO offices.
We can't wait to share this exceptional week of dance with you. Space is limited. Register today! 


-Dance Co