May 2015
Carrie Williams Executive Director
May  Training Schedule 


Accident & Disease Prevention 

May 11 7-9pm

First-Aid and CPR

May 16 9am-5pm


Fine Motor Development with Task Trays  

May 18 7-9pm


For class description, location and cost information visit our website.

Introducing CATCH Kids Club

Happy May Friends,


We've been busy this spring putting a new program in place that has received positive reviews. I can't wait to tell you all about it, so let's get started.


We recently introduced a group of child care providers

to our newest program, the CATCH Kids Club, and it was a great success! Our conference room was crowded with providers excited to participate in this amazing program.


CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Child Health) Kids Club is a great program designed to promote healthy eating and exercise for children in kindergarten through 5th grade. 


The program has four main components:

- Healthy Habits and Nutrition

- Snack Recipes

- Physical Activities

- Family Involvement


The program is designed to make a memorable impact. For example, kids in the CATCH program hear about healthy eating and making good food choices when they learn about Go Foods, often called whole foods, Slow Foods, those higher in fat, sugar, etc, and Whoa Foods, which are often high in fat, sodium and/or sugar. 


The program also teaches providers how to engage children in physical activities that are fun and entertaining. Plus, it provides resources to extend the benefits outside the child care setting and help families continue these components in the child's home.


CATCH Kids Club includes instructions and suggestions to implement all four components. All special materials, including activity boxes and toys, are loaned free of charge to anyone who completes the CATCH Kids Club training. Check our website for our next training opportunity.


I also want to let you know that DHS Child Care Services is inviting families and child care providers to participate in its 2015 Child Care Service Provider Survey. The office is conducting the survey to learn more about the effectiveness of its programs. Links to the provider and parent surveys are available here. It will only take a few minutes to help Child Care Services with this project. Thanks for participating.


That's all for this month. As always, thanks for reading and for supporting Rainbow Fleet.




Carrie Williams 



Did you see us in the Edmond Sun? The paper recently featured Rainbow Fleet in a great story on summer child care. 

Resource Center Item of the Month


From happy to sad, young children can struggle with handling emotional situations. That's where the Feeling Bears can help! Stop by our Resource Center to check out this Social and Emotional Skill-Building Box.


  Florencia les envía esta nota:


Estimada Proveedoras:


Florencia Briglie 

Estoy muy orgullosa por la cantidad de proveedoras que participaron del entrenamiento sobre AUTISMO en español que tuvimos en Rainbow Fleet el 4 de abril.


Es muy importante que siempre tengamos presentes el rol importante que tenemos en la vida de los niños que cuidamos y la responsabilidad que esto implica para nosotros. 


Es por esto que las felicito ya que el mantenerse informadas, con entrenamientos al día, NO tiene que ser a causa de las horas que DHS nos pide por año, tiene que ser por la necesidad, el entusiasmo, el valor que le damos a nuestra profesión, el compromiso emocional que tenemos con nuestros niños.


¿Comenzaron a trabajar en un calendario para el verano?


Recuerden por favor que los niños, necesitan salir y tener actividades, aunque el clima no sea el más agradable.


Una de las mejores actividades que podemos ofrecerles a los niños son clases de natación.


Si ustedes no ofrecen paseos en su centro o guardería, le pueden informar a los padres donde llevar a sus niños a aprender natación. Hay lugares por $20 la sesión de 1 hora durante dos semanas le enseñan al niño lo básico para aprender a nadar o el YMCA que tiene varios programas pagando una membrecía mensual.


Otra actividad que es muy buena ya que es gratis y en un lugar climatizado, es la biblioteca: alrededor de la ciudad hay varias con programas gratis para niños de todas las edades; simplemente chequeen el calendario en la página de internet: www. metropolitanlibrary. com


Recuerden que Rainbow Fleet es un excelente recurso para tener una variedad de materiales en nuestros centros u hogares. Contamos con una gran variedad de juguetes para ser utilizado al aire libre o con agua y también las podemos asesorar con ideas económicas y simples para incorporar en su yarda o patio trasero.  


Como siempre, no duden de contactarme si necesitan algo


¡Muchas Gracias por su atención!




Notes from a Nurse


By Kristen Russell, RN, Immunization Nurse at the Cleveland County Health Department 

Shot Records and the Pain of Keeping Up with Them

Kristen Russell

Have any of you ever sat down to read a shot record and felt like you might as well be reading a different language? Have you then struggled to make sense of several records for one child, and on top of it all, finding an adequate filing system for all the children in your center? Well, you are not alone! Let's face it, shot records are difficult! Add the turnover of children (and sometimes staff reading the records) and you are left with an absolute mess!


Well, I'm here to help! The Cleveland County Immunization Coalition has people ready to train you! We also have materials to help you get started! Some great materials can be found at the at Oklahoma State Department of Health's Vaccines for Childcare webpage. These materials include a worksheet you may put in each child's file to keep better track of when their shots are "due" and "past due" and a cheat sheet for the letters and names of commonly used vaccines. Above all, we want to help make this endeavor easier for you. 


Please contact me at 579-2234 or for more information!



Helpful Contacts



Center for Early Childhood Professional Development (CECPD): 1801 North Moore Avenue, Moore, OK 73160 (405) 799-6383


CECPD offers various programs for individuals in the childcare field, some programs offered are R.E.W.A.R.D. Oklahoma, CDA/CCP Advisement, Environmental Rating Scale, ELCCT training, The Leadership Academy, Literacy Programs, Video Lending Library and Oklahoma Registry.


Scholars for Excellence in Child Care

Program Scholars Coordinators:


Oklahoma City Community College, (South OKC) Bonita Spinner (405) 682-1611


Oklahoma State University OKC, (North OKC) Jeff Rosson (405) 945-9168/1-800-560-4099 


Redlands Community College, (El Reno) Karen Hewitt (405) 422-1286


Rose State College, (Midwest City) Jennifer Bachhofer (405) 733-7449


The Scholars for Excellence in Child Care program will ensure that eligible child care professionals in the state of Oklahoma have an opportunity to further their education while earning a Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential, Certificate of Mastery, Director's Certificate of Completion and/or an associate degree in child development or early childhood education.


Reaching for the STARS (DHS): Central Oklahoma-Jennifer Towell (405) 522-0256


STARS is a program held by the State of Oklahoma, that has been implemented to improve the quality of child care for children.


Warmline: 1-888-574-5437


Warmline offers free telephone consultation to child care providers and families on numerous topics of concern. Consultants refer providers to appropriate services and resources within their communities.

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