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Edel Putter Fitting
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  September 11, 2012


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Edel Irons
Pre-Order now

David Edel, founder of Edel Golf, has done it again!   He has designed and produced the best custom putters and wedges on the market, and now is venturing into an amazing line of irons.  He took what Mike Adams taught him about bounce in the wedges with how it helps the player's turf interaction and consistency.  This same methodology was used to develop what we believe to be the best set of irons on the market to date.

We researched other companies' amount of bounce in their irons.  The most we could find was 5* bounce on a 7 iron (avg 3*) and it went down from there with an average of 1* on a 3 iron. 

David's first prototype was a 7 iron with 12* of bounce.  The results were absolutely amazing. We found cleaner turf interaction as well as using higher lofts drives the ball further. Reason being is the club is not getting stuck in the ground and has more force.  This turns into better strikes and faster club head speed for the golfer.

Orders for Edel Irons
Be one of the first to purchase a limited run of 150 cavity back and 50 muscle back irons for 2012.

Each head starts with raw forging, then CNC machining. 
The next step is hand grinding by either Neil Oster (Director of Iron and Wedge Development) or David Edel for the proper grind and bounce. Only the loft and club number will be stamped on the club (no personalization).  It will then be sent to PVD plating.  Read more about PVD

Choose your paintfill, shaft type, length and lie

Club  Loft    Bounce  Length    Lie   
GW    50*      15*      35.5"     64*   
PW    46*      15*      35.5"     63.5*
9       42*      14*      36"       63*
8       38*      13*      36.5"    62.5*
7       34*      12*      37"       62*
6       31*      11*      37.5"    61.5*
5       28*      10*      38"       61*
4       25*       9*       38.5"    60.5*
3       22*       8*       39"       60*

Std swing weight  D2

Shafts Available
KBS C Taper (S)
KBS Tour 90 (R and S)
KBS Custom Series Black Tour (R and S)
UST MP6 Graphite (A - 67 g)
Nippon 950 GH (R)
DG Tour Issue (S-400)  +$20 per club

We are taking pre-orders now.

As mentioned, we are only manufacturing 50 muscle back sets and 150 cavity back sets for 2012.

Contact your fitter if you are interested in purchasing. 
Orders will be filled on a first response basis.

Set Makeup available
3-GW - $3150
3-PW - $2800
4-GW - $2800
4-PW - $2450
5-GW - $2450
5-PW - $2100

Edel Irons will begin shipping the 1st week of October.
Muscle Backs will not be available until November.

Don't delay!  These sets will not last long.

Edel Iron Cavity


Wedge Video with Win McMurry!!!


Edel Putter Fitting

Have you been through an Edel putter fitting? If not, do you know how your putter aims?  Your local Edel fitter can demonstrate for you why different head shapes, line combinations and hosel types perfect your aim on putts. Edel Golf offers over 273 million variations of customized putters to improve your game. 



Edel Wedge Fitting

Have found the proper grind to match your angle of attack, Edel Golf offers 8 grinds in lofts 58-64*, 3 different grinds available in lofts 48-57* and 16 different shaft options to match ball flight and spin. Each wedge is customizable to make it part of your personality or what you want it to look like.

Find a Fitter



Edel Photo Gallery
Check out our gallery of Putters, Wedges, Irons and other images