January 2017
well·ness |  ˈwelnəs/ | noun
  The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

Wellness is more than eating healthy or exercising – it is about achieving your full potential. As a meetings and events professional, wellness is something that you aspire to - for both your events and yourself.

In the first edition of Education Essentials, we have put together some insight, resources and articles that will help you approach the idea of wellness with renewed focus and intent for the year ahead. 

Each month, Education Essentials will deliver to you a roundup of all the education and resources FICP has to offer on a given topic. Next month, we will use this newsletter to showcase resources related to food and beverage trends. 
Start 2017 with a Vision
The New Year is always ripe with opportunity – what choices will you make this year to achieve your goals? Now is the perfect time to set your goals for 2017 with a daily, visual reminder: a vision board. Read our first blog here, written by Lynn Lee of the Hospitality Partner Advisory Committee.

Wellness Idea Exchange Notes

At the 2016 Annual Conference, FICP conducted an Idea Exchange on wellness, where peer coaches helped drive a discussion with input from the attendees. Download the meeting notes to see how your fellow meetings and events professionals contributed to the conversation! 

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Gluten-free Snacks for Conferences and Meetings

Have you heard of intermittent fasting? While it not may not be for everyone, it is a lifestyle change that is said to help improve energy – something every busy professional needs. 
At the 2016 Education Forum, Romy Nelson, President, Essential Fitness, Inc., gave a presentation entitled: "Food in the Fast Lane: Energizing Nutrition for a Busy Life." Learn her technique for intermittent fasting

From Social

Now It's Your Turn

At the 2017 Winter Symposium, wellness guru Dave Romanelli will deliver the closing keynote address.

We want to hear from you! Head to our Facebook and share your wellness tip using the tag #FICPwellness. Our favorite tip will win a copy of Dave Romanelli's book! 

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