National Baptist Convention of America International, Inc.

Rev. Samuel C. Tolbert, Jr., President

Rev. S.C. Dixon, General Secretary

NBCA has partnered with Our Daily Bread Ministries, the producers of the Our Daily Bread devotion and Our Daily Bread Christian University, to provide the new NBCA Online Certificate Program. 

Recently, Our Daily Bread had the pleasure of hearing Rev. Tolbert's vision to see all NBCA pastors and congregants have access to online seminary training. With this opportunity,  pastors can teach and disciple their lay members more effectively, as they continue to grow  in the preaching and teaching of God's Holy  Word.   It would also allow leaders and congregants to be strengthen in the Word of God, while being equipped for ministry works on the local, state, and national level.  

For only $10 a month, NBCA members are able to participate in two tracts: Pastoral Ministry & Lay Ministry; with sub-categories in Biblical Studies, Leadership, Missions, Bible Interpretation, Gospels, Theology, Servant Leadership, and more. Additionally, upon completion of the courses, participates are able to transfer the certificate to Grace College and Seminary to earn an Associates Degree in Ministry Leadership.[a]

To begin, please click on the link below:

[a] There are additional courses and credits required from Grace College and Seminary.

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