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57 Years of Higher Consciousness Education 

To celebrate the continuation of Dr. Masters' legacy, IMM moving forward, and our 2016 Convention and Graduation, we are excited to announce the following:

Newly designed website
"Your Trusted Gateway to All Things Metaphysical"
New Releases

The publication of Dr. Masters' first book
Mystical Insights - Knowing the Unknown

Dr. Masters dedicated over five decades of full-time professional work involving the research and application of his findings to improving human lives. His soul's fulfillment was to share how Mystical Presence and psychic/mystical energy factors influence every aspect of our lives. Dr. Masters explores these concepts and shares his realizations and wisdom with Mystical Insights-Knowing the Unknown.

Convention Presentations

Dr. Masters' last video recordings were filmed at the 2013 Convention and Graduation. Speaking on various topics, each presentation captures the inspirational, insightful, heart-warming, and entertaining energy of our Founder.

- LGBT Issues in Ministry: Teaching Acceptance    and Love 
- One Common Denominator to Success 
- Who is Doing What: The Mystical Reality  

Healing Treatments

This CD features 12 Healing Treatments from Dr. Masters' inspirational lectures to help balance Body, Mind, and Spirit.   

The Mystical Wisdom of Paul Leon Masters

This Questions and Answer Video was conducted in 2013 between Dr. Masters and the current IMM's President, Rev. Dean Selimos, B.Msc., Esq. This in-depth interview features Dr. Masters answering questions from his perspective, based on a life dedicated to the study of Metaphysics and its relationship to human beings and their potential.    

 Dr. Masters' Spiritual Resources: Improve Your Life

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