My name is Frank Lima and I am honored to serve as the newly elected 10th District Vice President for the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) covering the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Hawaii.

For those of you who don’t know me, let me take a few moments to introduce myself and my background in the fire service.

I was hired as a Firefighter with the Los Angeles City Fire Department back in 1992. I served in just about every rank and file role imaginable with the LAFD, including Firefighter, Apparatus Operator, Engineer, and Captain. I am currently still an active duty Captain II with the LAFD, but I am on fulltime leave to perform my duties with the IAFF.

Early on with the LAFD, I got involved with the United Firefighters of Los Angeles City Local 112 (UFLAC). Eventually, I was elected as a Director, 2nd Vice President, and then as the President of UFLAC for four years from 2012 – 2016. Last summer, I was honored to be unanimously elected by the IAFF delegates from the 10th District to serve as your new Vice President.

As the new VP from the 10th District, I am committed to being an active, engaged representative for all of the Locals in our District. I believe that my primary goal is to make sure that the vast resources of the IAFF are brought to the local level – all the way down to our men and women working in the local fire stations.

I’m proud of the fact that I have built a tremendous team of District Field Service Representatives, State Service Representatives, and CFAI Peer Reviewers. These appointees are leaders in the fire service and they will work side-by-side with me to make sure that your issues are addressed and that we have an active presence throughout the 10th District. We are here as representatives of the IAFF to serve you.

As DVP of the largest District in the IAFF, it was vital to assemble a DFSR Team consisting of experienced and well-respected labor leaders, along with geographic considerations. A special thanks to the General President for appointing the DFSRs whom I recommended and for expanding the 10th District representation to three DFSRs.   
Since I reside in Southern California, Brian Rice was selected and is operating out of Sacramento in Northern California. Tony Butch is handling the Arizona efforts, and the unity amongst the Arizona Locals in support of Brother Butch was solidarity in the making. Diego Arencon takes on a New Mexico DFSR role, but by no means is limited to New Mexico only, and the symbolic picking of a New Mexico leader for the DFSR role signifies my commitment to ALL locals. Nobody is left behind under Team 10th regardless of your size -an injury to one is an injury to all.                          
So far, this DFSR Team has met in Albuquerque to establish goals on our representation in the 10th, helped several Locals affiliate into their State Associations, met with over 22 Locals during the ALTS conference on important issues, testified in the City of Fullerton and turned a vote to save staffing, and much more. The DFSR Team 10th continues to push the Yellow and Black IAFF message and agenda to all. Please take a minute to read their bios below. A special thanks to those DFSRs and State Representatives who served under Brother Emeritus 10th DVP Ferguson. Also, congratulations to Tim Hill out of Phoenix Local 493 and the PFFA for your leadership as a DFSR -we are all fortunate to have you working at IAFF headquarters as the head of our IAFF Pension Department.

This 10th District newsletter is a part of our effort to be connected to our members at the local level. We plan to send out it out on a quarterly basis to keep our members informed of important events and breaking news that impact our profession. Please share this newsletter with your members and ask them to sign-up to receive it directly. To sign-up for future 10th District Newsletters, please click HERE.

Finally, I hope that you and your members can join us at our inaugural 10th District Partnership Education Program (PEP) to be held in Phoenix, Arizona on April 10-11. We plan to make this an annual 10th District event (rotating in different locations throughout the District) where we bring together our members and experts in the fire service for leadership development, training, the sharing of best practices, and camaraderie with our brothers and sisters.

Thank you once again for the confidence that you have placed in me as your new IAFF Vice President. I promise that I will always be honest with you and I will work tirelessly on behalf of our affiliates throughout the 10th District. It is truly my honor to serve our Firefighters in this new capacity and I look forward to great things in the days to come.

In Solidarity,

Frank Lima
10th District Vice President
International Association of Fire Fighters
IAFF LEGISLATIVE CONFERENCE:  The Alfred K. Whitehead Legislative Conference has long been the cornerstone of the IAFF’s legislative efforts. The IAFF has won many significant victories over the years – from the SAFER program that promotes safe fire ground staffing, to ensuring the heroes of 9/11 receive the healthcare they deserve, to defeating legislation designed to undermine our members’ defined benefit pensions – due in large measure to the work local IAFF leaders have done at this conference. To watch the conference live, click here
1st ANNUAL 10th DISTRICT PARTNERSHIP EDUCATION PROGRAM (PEP): Join Firefighters from California, Arizona, Hawaii, New Mexico and Guam on April 10-11th in Phoenix for a two-day training event featuring highly interactive, skill-building workshops focusing on union administration, legal issues, and health and safety. For those who arrive early, Sunday, April 9th will be a day filled with Team 10th District networking and camaraderie. Register here.
ORGANIZING EFFORTS IN THE 10TH DISTRICT: The 10th District is the largest district in the IAFF on a per-capita basis by several thousand members and I am happy to announce that the 10th District continues to grow. We have been successful in organizing our Brothers and Sisters from the island of Guam, located in the South Pacific. We have organized Hagatma, the Capital of Guam, and are continuing with efforts to amalgamate the entire island. A Special Mahalo to Hawaii President Robert Lee for his assistance with organizing Guam. We continue to reach out to several other non-IAFF affiliated Locals as well and have recently organized Albany and Clear Lake, CA.

With regards to the State/Provincial affiliates, Team 10th District met with Santa Fe City and Santa Fe County in New Mexico and we are happy to announce that due to our influence, both of those Locals have now joined the New Mexico Professional Fire Fighters Association. We will keep up the organizing efforts in the Southwest United States.
GHOST SHIP FIRE & AFTERMATH: Oakland’s Ghost Ship Fire on December 2nd was a vivid reminder of the dangers that Firefighters face not only on a physical level, but also a psychological one. The damage and massive loss of life has caused some to seek treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Upon hearing the horrible news of the Ghost Ship fire with 36 fatalities, I immediately deployed to Oakland to make sure that the IAFF was there with boots on the ground to assist Local 55. Special tip of the hat to Local 55 President Dan Roberston, who was on the second arriving Engine and fought a tremendous amount of fire and, alongside his members, saw some horrific sights. And a special thanks to Local 55 Political Director Shawn Stark for driving me to the scene and introducing me to Oakland Mayor Libby.

Local 55 had PTSD and behavioral health in mind as the following day the union hall was open to on and off duty members to come eat, unwind, download with one another about the fire and images that they saw, and to be with family. This is the new standard after a critical incident and we want Local 55 to please remember that your IAFF has your back always, even years after this fire. As a lesson to all, please do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it. For more information on PTSD, please click here
ARIZONA VICTORY FOR UNION RELEASE TIME AND ONGOING VIGILANCE TO GET MORE TYPES OF CANCER ADDED TO WORKERS COMP LIST:  As the DVP of four states, with Arizona being the only ‘Right to Work’ state, I continue to be so impressed by the accomplishments in such an anti-worker/anti-union environment. The Arizona Locals and Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona (PFFA) are true trade unionists. Recently, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled in favor of Phoenix Local 493 and public safety unions across the State declaring that Union Release time is “not a gift of public funds.” Click here for more information.

Recent studies show that cancer kills more Firefighters than actual fires. For this reason, Arizona Firefighters are pushing the Arizona legislature to add several forms of cancer that are not currently on the eligible list for Workers Compensation benefits. PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5)
IAFF CANCER SUMMIT: In October, the IAFF partnered with San Francisco Firefighters Local 798 and the San Francisco Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation to host the Inaugural Cancer Summit featuring the nation's foremost doctors, scientists, and experts in cancer-related research and technology. Numerous studies have confirmed that Firefighters are more likely to acquire cancer than members of the general public. The regular exposure to toxic substances has tragically led to countless Firefighter lives being lost over the years. The two-day summit included presentations on various topics such as the Impact of Firefighter Exposures while Extinguishing Fires, the Latest Research on Cancer in the Fire Service, Current and Future Legislative Efforts to Impact Firefighter Exposure to Toxic Substances, and a special presentation by NantHealth Chairman and CEO Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD about the groundbreaking Cancer MoonShot 2020. Thank you to all of the participants and attendees who came together to find ways to combat this pervasive disease in the fire service.

  As DVP of the 10th District, I would be remiss if I did not give praise to President Tom O’Connor and the Executive Board of San Francisco Firefighters Local 798 for bringing this Resolution to the Convention in Las Vegas last year where the delegates unanimously approved an IAFF Cancer Summit. The training and information that the IAFF leadership brought to the Cancer Summit was impeccable. Thanks for hosting in the great labor town of San Francisco. To learn more, visit
CAL FIRE GAINS WAGE VICTORY:  IAFF members led a rally in Sacramento to fight for fair pay for Cal Fire Firefighters. In December, Cal Fire was awarded a new contract that would raise their pay by at least 11 percent over the next four years and provide larger raises to experienced Firefighters.

It was an honor to help lead the march to the Capitol from Local 2881’s Union Hall. Cal Fire had members making minimum wage with terrible disability benefits and their leadership, steered by President Lopez, said enough is enough. Hundreds of Cal Fire members, their families, and an overwhelming support from other IAFF Locals throughout California attended to support the Cal Fire Family. The march and rally led by President Lopez and General Schaitberger proved to be a huge success as Local 2881 recently agreed to an outstanding fair contract for their members. The Sacramento Bee

HFD FIREFIGHTER DEATH BRINGS SPOTLIGHT ON FIREFIGHTER TRAINING: The Professional Fire Fighters of Hawaii, led by President Robert Lee, have recently had enough of the lack of concern for safety issues from their current Fire Chief in Honolulu. Local 1463 filed complaints with the Hawaiian Institute of Occupational Health and Safety and the Honolulu Fire Department was fined for their failure to properly protect our L1463 members. President Lee, along with his experienced and unified Board, are in tough negotiations now at the bargaining table and the IAFF is there for them to help in anyway possible. Mahalo President Lee for your leadership in Hawaii.    
The Hawaii Occupational Health and Safety Commission issued two safety violations to the Hawaii Fire Department in connection with the death of one of its Firefighters after a training exercise. KHON2
MEET MICHAEL A. FEYH, 10th DISTRICT BURN COORDINATOR:  As a Fire Captain for the Sacramento City Fire Department and a veteran Firefighter, as well as an IAFF member for over 22 years, I have always been involved at varying levels of union activity and burn care support. It wasn’t until my burn injury in 2010 and difficulty with my treatment that I took an extremely active role in burn care, treatment, and recovery (especially for Firefighters and their families). I sit on the Firefighters Burn Institute Executive Board, the Sacramento Area Firefighters Local 522 Executive Board as Director of Membership Services, and I represent the International Association of Firefighters 10th District as the Burn Coordinator.

I retired from the California Army National Guard in 2013 after serving 21 years in the roles of Acting First Sergeant, Platoon Sergeant, Special Operations Senior Flight Medic, Flight Medic, and Scout Platoon Squad leader. I had multiple overseas and combat deployments during my service. I have been married for 28 years to my wife Libby, who is active in spousal support for burned Firefighters and we have one son. Our family is “Union Strong” and committed to help and support Firefighters and their families as well as the burn survivor community. Please feel free to contact me at or (530) 632-9511.

As the 10th District Vice President, I cannot say enough about Brother Feyh. He is a humble leader that absolutely cares about the members he serves. Brother Feyh will continue to educate the 10th District on the wonderful benefits that the IAFF Burn Foundation has for its members who are admitted to a burn center.
N EW MEXICO PTSD BILL: Through the leadership of Diego Arencon, who serves as the President to both the New Mexico Professional Fire Fighters Association (NMPFFA) and Albuquerque Local 244, a PTSD Bill has been introduced in the New Mexico State Legislature. IAFF Health and Safety Director Pat Morrison and IAFF Legal Doug Steele have been a tremendous help with their logistical support from D.C.

The New Mexico Professional Fire Fighters Association's legislative initiative this year is to amend the existing Fire Fighter Occupational Disease Act to include Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to the list of conditions that are presumed to be proximately caused by employment as a firefighter. House Bill 157 Firefighter PTSD is sponsored by Representative Deborah Armstrong (pictured) and co-sponsored by Senator Michael Padilla, both are proud IAFF endorsees. Representative Armstrong was a participant in the IAFF Fire Ops 101 while attending the NCSL Legislative Summit in 2015. IAFF members from all over the state are working diligently at the legislature to ensure successful passage of HB157. It has currently passed the House of Representatives (54-14) and is moving through the Senate. Get the facts here

The following four State Affiliates are in the 10th District:
  • The Hawaiian Fire Fighters Association (HFFA) led by Robert Lee
  • The Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona (PFFA) led by Bryan Jeffries
  • The New Mexico Professional Fire Fighters Association (NMPFFA) led by Diego Arencón
  • The California Professional Firefighters (CPF) led by Lou Paulson
This newsletter will highlight the leadership of Robert Lee and HFFA Local 1463:
Aloha Brothers and Sisters in the mighty 10th District, 
A big “Mahalo” to 10th District VP Brother Frank Lima for coming up with this idea of creating an electronic newsletter for our district and Hawaii is very proud to lead the way. As you all know, we are a statewide local, 2000+ active duty and about another 1000 retirees that retain their membership. We represent four county fire departments and all of the state crash airport firefighters statewide, a total of five fire departments, dealing with five fire chiefs, four mayors, and the Governor. 

Currently, we are negotiating our statewide CBA. We, unfortunately, are faced with one bad fire chief in the group that occupies more of our time and resources, Honolulu Fire Department fire chief Manuel Neves. Among the day-to-day problems that this chief causes, he even developed his own anti-labor/anti-worker CBA proposals that we had to deal with. He’s a classic example of someone who forgot where he came from. But without a doubt, over HFFA’s 50-plus year history, bad fire chiefs come and go and the Union stays!
We have a proud tradition of union membership (100% statewide participation), but like many of you, face member apathy. More so with the current change and challenges facing all of us at the federal level, we are putting a greater focus on member education and the importance of being a Union. One of our CBA proposals is to place our union patch on all department uniform items. As expected, the Employers are pushing back on this idea, but we are not giving up.  We want our members to be reminded every day that all of their benefits come from the Union and not the fire department. This is about Union pride and solidarity. As a side note, please contact us if you know of fire departments anywhere that currently sport the IAFF or a Local’s emblem or patch on their duty uniforms or work t-shirts. That would be greatly appreciated.

Years ago in a conversation with a wise man and good friend, IAFF GP Harold Schaitberger, he once told me, “My friend, our business is not for the weak.” To be an effective union leader and also union advocate, it’s all about tenacity and not giving up. We are the pit bulls in life, when necessary we grab onto issues and don’t let go until we win. We try hard to work cooperatively with management, but when that doesn’t work, we fight and giving up is not an option! That is the meaning of success in our world.

Keep Safe Brothers and Sisters!

The 10th District Team is made up of the District Vice President as well as three District Field Service Representatives (DFSR). The DFSRs provide on-site technical assistance to local affiliates of the IAFF on items such as collective bargaining, first contracts, mediation, paralegal support, and expert testimony during arbitration.  


Diego Arencón is a 20-year veteran Fire Fighter of the Albuquerque Fire Department who concurrently serves as President of both the New Mexico Professional Fire Fighters Association as of 2015 and the Albuquerque Area Fire Fighters, Local 244 since 2006. Using his talents as a frontline advocate, Diego has been on the forefront in protecting members by effectively influencing the statewide political landscape through FIREPAC, establishing retention and promotional incentives, pension protections, presumptive legislation, and establishing a survivors fund for IAFF families.


Anthony Butch is currently President of the Glendale Chapter of Local 493 and a Fire Captain with the Glendale Fire Department. He was appointed to the Glendale Fire Department in December 2004, fulfilling a lifelong goal of a professional career in the fire and EMS service. Anthony has been in various leadership positions within the United Phoenix Firefighters Association and Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona for over a decade. Currently, he is the President of the Glendale Chapter of the Local 493. Anthony has also served as the Political Director and as Governmental Affairs Legislative Representative for the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona.


Brian Rice was born and raised in California and started his fire service career with the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Department in 1983 as a Reserve Firefighter. He promoted through the ranks and retired December 31, 2011. Brian has served as an officer on the Executive Board of Sacramento Area Firefighters Local 522 for over 25 years, with twelve of those years as President. He has also served as the CPF 3rd District Vice President for one term. During his time serving on the Executive Board of L522, he watched the membership grow from 700 to almost 2000 members. He also served for 12 years as the Sacramento Firefighters Burn Institute (FFBI) Board President. The FFBI benefits the general public burn survivors as well as Firefighters who suffer burn injuries. The FFBI is one of the few burn charitable organizations that was founded (and is also led) by Union Firefighters. Brian currently lives in Sacramento with his wife of 32 years, Liz. They are blessed to have four adult children, their spouses, and two granddaughters who are the apples of his eyes.

District Field Service Representatives
Brian Rice
Sacramento Area Firefighters - Local 522 CA

Diego Arencon
Albuquerque & NMPFFA - Local 244 NM

Tony Butch
Phoenix, Glendale Chapter - Local 493 AZ

State Service Representatives
Bryan Jeffries
Professional Firefighters of Arizona out of Mesa - Local 2260

Josh Campbell
Tucson Fire - Local 479
(520) 889-2831

Bill Whitaker
10th District PEP Instructor
Phoenix Fire - Local 493 

Shon Buford
San Francisco - Local 798

Jeff DelBono
Alameda City - Local 689

Tony Spitaleri
Retired President
Palo Alto Fire - Local 1319

Tim Strack
Riverside City Fire - Local 1067
(951) 237-8518

Chris Mahon
Ventura County Fire - Local 1364

Robert Lee
Hawaii Professional Firefighters - Local 1463

Andy Fukuda
Hawaii Professional Firefighters - Local 1463

Robert Sanchez
Albuquerque & NMPFFA - Local 244

Tim Aboudara
Santa Rosa Fire - Local 1401
(707) 546-7417

Sean Kaldor
San Jose Fire - Local 230

Jon Fischer
Berkeley Fire - Local 1227

Stephen Gilman
United Goodyear Firefighters Association – Local 4005

Baryic Hunter
Orange County Firefighters Association – Local 3631

Standing Committees
David Gillotte
Los Angeles County Firefighters - Local 1014

Derek Robinson
Kern County Firefighters - Local 1301

Cristian Cruz
Albuquerque, New Mexico Local 244

Kevin Burkhart
United Emergency Medical Professionals of Arizona- Industrial I-60

David Bautista
Orange County Firefighters – Local 3631

Anita Paratley
San Francisco Firefighters - Local 798

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