Introducing the Mini USB 3.0 2-Port Industrial Hub, FireNEX-uHUB-2P™
In response to the growing needs of USB 3.0 Hub in industrial system integration, Newnex is proud to introduce the brand new 2-Port USB 3.0 Industrial Hub, FireNEX-uHUB-2P™, the compact version of Newnex current USB 3.0 4-Port Industrial Hub, FireNEX-uHUB™.
Small in Form Factor

The size of the new FireNEX-uHUB-2P™ is
Less than one fifith of the  current 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub, FireNEX-uHUB™ ideal for installation in tight space installation.

Bus power Supported

Support maximum 900mA at 5V bus-powered feature with optional external power input up to 20W  for easy power supply management.
M2 Threaded Faceplate

Provide secure connection with USB3 Vision screw locking USB connector.
The FireNEX-uHUB-2P™ is also fully support plug and play and compatible with all major OS comes. Extruded metal enclosure ensures industrial level durability and EMI protection; Click to learn more  about FireNEX-uHUB-2P™.

This product is ready to ship, contact us  directly for pricing and more information.

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