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We are pleased to announce the next generation of the innovative Tree in the Bottle package design from O'right
Introducing the Next Generation Tree in the Bottle
O'right has taken a truly unique, eco-friendly product and improved it with a new greener formula, a more sturdy design, an attractive handmade bamboo cap, and by offering it in the Champagne Rose botanical range. 
O'right's new greener formula strives to make their salon products cleaner and safer than ever before. O'right products contain no environmental hormones, no phthalates, no parabens, no formaldehyde, no sulfates, no DEA, and no artificial colorants. These products are manufactured with certified organic ingredients and natural botanical essential oils. They also use ECOCERT approved foaming agents, ECOCERT and USDA certified plant extracts and ECOCERT approved natural preservatives. O'right products are gentle on the hair and scalp to promote healthy results.

O'right is a forward thinking company who values their customers' input. They are constantly evaluating ways to improve their products. That is why they redesigned the PLA plastic bottle to be stronger where needed and yet still be able to biodegrade with ease. The new design features a more durable bottom where the patented seed holder is housed. Now the bottle can hold up to the rigors of both salon and home use. The new Tree in the Bottle also has a new top that makes it easy to dispense just the right amount of shampoo. As with the original Tree in the Bottle, after the shampoo has been used the client can rinse the bottle, following the instructions plant it in the ground, and after period of time, the bottle will biodegrade, and begin to grow a beautiful Acacia tree!

O'right has also revived the ancient tradition of bamboo agriculture and craftsmanship by introducing the Tree in the Bottle products in their new Bamboo Series of exquisitely designed salon products. Tree in the Bottle now uses a sleek, modern bamboo cap. These caps promote sensible forest conservation because bamboo is a renewable, fast growing crop. O'right's bamboo is manufactured using a rigorous 10 step process that hand selects and finishes only the finest wood. The Bamboo Series from O'right will really stand out on a salon's retail shelf!

When Tree in the Bottle was first launched it was only available in the 250 ml salon retail Green Tea botanical shampoo. Now O'right is making the Tree in the Bottle in the 250 ml Champagne Rose botanical shampoo, as well.

The Green Tea Shampoo is an excellent unisex shampoo for everyday use. The Green Tea Shampoo contains antioxidants that protect salon services, and provide for optimal hair health. The Green Tea range has a light fragrance of green tea and bamboo, with hints of lemongrass.

The Champagne Rose Shampoo is made to provide moisture and color protection. It is a mild formula that has gentle rose botanical extracts. The Champagne Rose has the light fragrance of crisp white roses.

O'right is making plans to make more products available in the Tree in the Bottle packaging in 2013. Organic Salon Systems will keep their salons updated as the new products are released.

O'right products are available from Organic Salon Systems U.S. Distribution Center only.  Canadian customers will be subject to Organic Salon Systems shipping, and they will be responsible for any Customs and localized fees. 
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