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April 26, 2011
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Blog IconIn this issue of our newsletter, we have selected a few of our blog articles that we feel are educational and fun to read.

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Here are a few articles featured on our blog from the past month. 
Ara's Review of the iPad 2
On March 11, we received a special package, it's contents being the iPad 2. For the past month Ara has been testing out Apple's newest toy and has done an extensive review of the device.

CLICK HERE to read the pros and cons of the iPad 2 and determine whether it's the right device for you.
Google Bids on 6,000 Patents
Google is looking to purchase Nortel's 6,000 telecommunications patents in an effort to diversify their portfolio. Google Graham Bell
The company has expressed that this is in an effort to prevent litigation and defend themselves as they continue to innovate.

CLICK HERE to read the entire article on our blog!  
iPhone 4 Taking Secret Pictures? 
Some iPhone 4 users have been complaining about a weird glitch their devices have been encountering.
When using FaceTime, some users are reporting images that the
phone has captured on its own are being displayed.     

Read the entire article HERE.


New Air Force One?
747-8Boeing will soon launch it's largest passenger aircraft which will be more fuel efficient and should result in cheaper airfare.

CLICK HERE to read more about the aircraft the
U.S. Air Force is looking to make the next Air Force One.

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Ara's iPad 2 Review
Google's Big Purchase
iPhone's Creepy Glitch
New Air Force One?
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