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Major Components of a Criminal Defense Investigation
Knowing the components to a criminal defense investigation is critical to the success of your case. In order to properly represent your client, the investigator needs to be aware of the important components of your case as you plan for developing your criminal defense.

An experienced investigator will know the six major components of a criminal investigation, and what needs to be done with each. If you don't have an investigator, you should hire one with the experience and knowledge necessary of these six components: interviews, investigative procedures and law, crime scene reconstruction, skip tracing, well-written and concise reports, and computer seizure.

Arkansas Investigations has over 35 years of experience in these areas, and recently expanded our computer forensics and forensic hacking department. We know the importance of interviewing victims, and conducting interviews with known witnesses and identifying previously unknown witnesses. We have the knowledge of investigative procedures and law necessary to review police reports, analyze reports for omissions, and know when there are breaks in procedure that would affect the client's rights, case, or investigative sufficiency. Arkansas Investigations is well versed on the procedures and laws to follow during the course of an investigation, and all the laws that are involved in a police investigation.

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Crime Scene Investigations are Crucial to Your Case
Crime scene investigations are critical to the success of a case-but what is it, and why is it necessary? Crime scene investigations are a systemic search of the scene of a crime, to include a specific account of all individuals at the scene, photographs, sketches, the identification, processing, and collection of physical evidence to include but not limited to: fingerprints, clothing, footwear impressions, hair, fibers, biological fluids, and materials for DNA analysis. Most importantly, however, is the careful reasoning to the facts of the scene. 1

A crime scene investigation is more than just collecting items from a scene. It is a careful and strategic analysis of the facts of a situation. A crime scene investigation can make or break your case, and can prove or disprove that your client was at the scene of a crime. Thoughtful questioning, including, "Who should be at the scene?" needs to be asked and considered. If a senior, non-law enforcement official such as a mayor or prosecutor was on scene, who authorized them to be there? Was it explained?

As an attorney, it's important to ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do I have time to look at every piece of evidence and analyze the facts surrounding the crime scene?
  • Can I dedicate the time to study each crime scene that the case and client deserves?
  • Can I perform the crime scene investigation on my own, and will I be doing my client justice?
  • Do I have time to re-create the crime scene?
If you answered, "No" to any of these questions, it's time to let Arkansas Investigations assist in your case. Arkansas Investigations saves you time and hassle. We spend the time that you cannot afford to spare studying and analyzing every detail of the crime scene. Arkansas Investigations can locate previously undisclosed evidence, find details regarding the opposing party, provide knowledge about properly and improperly handled crime scenes, offer verifiable knowledge of environmental influences to help you determine if evidence was properly protected, and more.

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We have a very strong commitment to insuring our customers are satisfied while still maintaining our professional responsibility of acting as a "disinterested third party". Using our background of over 60 years of investigative and law enforcement service to government and private services, we are strong advocates of producing quality services, reporting our findings in a clear and concise format, and going above and beyond the call of duty. Our staff includes a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), an experienced legal investigator, a Certified Law Enforcement Instructor (CLEI) and a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner as well as a Certified Hacking Forensic Examiner.

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