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5 September 2016
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Ipswich Jets V Wynnum Manly Seagulls @ 3pm
Ipswich Jets in the Queensland Times
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GALE force winds meant the Ipswich Jets couldn't rely on goal kicking to get themselves home against the West Brisbane Panthers on Saturday.

Locked at 24-all in their BRL qualifying final at North Ipswich Reserve, it was the diminutive form of Peter Whittaker who latched on to a rampaging Lachlan Roe offload to run 30m and break the deadlock.

It was the match-winning try to keep their title defence alive, but the man who scored it didn't know what had just happened.

"I didn't realise we were tied or what the time was," Whittaker laughed. "I thought we were still losing and I couldn't understand why everyone was so happy.

"Lachie got me the offload and I just ran straight for the line."
Resorting to backyard football techniques, winger Josh Damen had to steady the ball as Mikaere Beattie slotted the kick to give the Jets a six-point victory as the buzzer sounded.

When he wasn't helping out the kicker, Damen was crossing the try line, scoring two of the Jets six tries and converting one himself.

With Francis Ledger, Ben Sullivan and Matthew Brown all scoring a try apiece, the Jets were well on their way to this weekend's preliminary final.
"They were pretty physical," Whittaker said of the Panthers. "We just got stuck in and were happy to come away with the win.

"Wynnum will want to redeem themselves next week so we have to be prepared. Last year we were in Redcliffe's position having the week off, but I think it's good that we can keep up the momentum."

In the battle of the top two, minor premiers Redcliffe went big over the second-placed Wynnum Manly Redland City Seagulls.

After sitting out the first week of finals, the Gulls were sent packing with a 51-16 scoreline at BMD Kougari Oval, meaning they will face Ipswich on Saturday at Emerson Park.
Jersey Day will help promote organ donation cause
Courtesy of Ben Wilmott at the QT 

RUGBY league fans across Australia are today being urged to wear their favourite sporting jersey to work or school in support of the NRL's Jersey Day to help raise awareness for organ donation.

The special day was inspired by the story of Hills District youngster Nathan Gremmo who was tragically lost in an accident in May last year.
The young rugby league player's family chose to give the gift of life to others to honour the legacy of Nathan's generous personality.

Ipswich Jets BRL coach Mark Bishop has raised the banner in Ipswich after his own son Max was diagnosed with a rare liver disease and put on the waiting list for an organ transplant.
"It's about living on when you are gone," Bishop said.
"There would be nothing better than knowing when your loved one passes that you've helped out another family with lungs, kidneys, heart and even blood donation.

Rugby league fans are getting dressed up to support organ donation.
Rugby league fans are getting dressed up to support organ donation.
"That's what it's about, is not taking that with you but helping out when you are gone."
Registered as an organ donor himself, Bishop said he hopes more people will tick 'yes' on the Donate Life registration form.
"25 years ago when it came out on your license I just ticked the box and didn't think about it," he said. "All of a sudden we are in a position with our son Max where we have an immediate family member that needs an organ and the only way we can do it is through a donor.

"Now it's just so important that we get the message out there. It's not only helping Max - there are hundreds of kids and people in general out there who need help in all ways. Burns victims need skin, corneas can help people with no eye sight, and in Max's situation we are into organs that you need to live."
Proud to be a part of a national sport using its image to promote such a worthy cause, Bishop said today's push by the NRL would go a long way to raising awareness.
"It's big when those guys get behind it," he said. "It gets the message out to a national audience and hopefully we can do our own little push from here and at least get our friends, family and social media group together.

"You don't ever want someone else to suffer a loss in their family but if it does happen it'd be wonderful if you could help someone else in your passing."
For more information please visit jersey day.com.au
Michael Nunn's 
Jets Buzz
 THIS week it's a change of consumption with BRL manager Stewart Towler. Stewart is a franchise manager for Home Ice cream.

He is the tireless worker every footy club needs. He's the organiser of jumpers and making sure coach Mark Bishop has everything he needs. We sat down and enjoyed a cold ice block.

How long have you been at the Jets? I first joined the Jets in 2003 after moving from Sydney for work and had the pleasure of learning the ropes under the guidance of Kerry Mac, stayed until end of 2008 and then had to leave due to work and the travelling away. Returned to the Jets in 2010.

What is your role? BRL A-grade manager.

What does your role involve? You have to do a bit getting players and coaches organised during the week and training. On game day, it's filling up water bottles and making sure that all is in readiness for the players with gear and support and other staff to do their thing, cleaning sheds after the games. I enjoy the club song after the wins and the reflection after a loss. Having the chance to be around some pretty decent people and sharing the footy experience with them.

Favourite Jet to watch? Rowan Winterfield. Classic old school, with amazing workrate. A more genuine and sincere person you will never meet.

Favourite NRL player to watch? Matty Parcell.

Best ice cream flavour? Macadamia and honey.
CEOs Report

The 2016 season is still alive thanks to the Brisbane Rugby League - A Grade boys after another stellar win on Saturday. The hunt to secure another premiership win is still on the cards. 

It was a picturesque day at the North Ipswich Reserve, but the wind was not in anyone's favour. It was an intensely tight game between the Ipswich Jets and the West Brisbane Panthers. 

Scoring a try a piece nearly every time, it was hard for either team to get ahead. The score was tied 24 all up until the last 2 minutes of the game. Until the Jets came away with a win of 30-24.

This is the sort of great footy we like to be a part of and watch as well. A last minute try has secured our place in another elimination final to be played next Saturday against the Wynnum Manly Seagulls. 

We hope to keep the season going and bring home another premiership for the BRL grade. I would like to encourage as many of our supporters to make the small trip and be behind us this Saturday at Emerson Park. Your tireless support is what helps to make us such a great club. 

The club is well advanced in our planning for season 2017 and are interested to hear from any businesses who would like to have their brand associated with the Ipswich Jets. A big thank-you to those sponsors who have already committed themselves to supporting the Ipswich Jets in season 2017.


BRL Report

Wow! What an amazing, close game it was on Saturday at the North Ipswich Reserve. For those of you that couldn't make it, it was a very tight game against the West Brisbane Panthers. 

Both teams were extremely strong but not as strong as the gale force winds which made converting very difficult. Nonetheless, the Jets and Panthers were neck and neck the whole 80 minutes. That is until the last couple minutes of the game where we had a breakaway run from Lachlan Roe to help get Peter Whitaker over the line and secure our spot in the preliminary final. 

The whole team played so well together with Josh Damen scoring two tries and Francis Leger, Ben Sullivan and Matthew Brown adding one each for the Jets as well. We couldn't be more proud of the BRL boys and we are working hard to advance all the way to the Grand Final. 

Thank you to all our supporters who were at the home game on the weekend, we hope to see you again this Saturday as we take on the Wynnum Manly Seagulls. 

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Thank you for all of your support for Jersey day this year!
The NRL Jersey day is designed to create awareness about organ donation. 

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Finals series chart for BRL

Here's what the BRL A Grade Finals series looks likes! 

Celebrations in the change room!

This is how the Ipswich Jets BRL boys celebrated after their win on Saturday. Some country music, chocolate cake and some kava!

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