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Hello and Happy (almost) July!


Right now, I'm looking out of my home office window in Connecticut relishing this magnificent sunshine (and 90 degrees to boot!), feeling blessed that summer is upon us.  Hope you're enjoying your summer as well!


In recent weeks, I've been enjoying a new focus on phenomenally successful entrepreneurs such as billionaire Sara Blakely and millionaire Brendon Burchard and what they have to teach us.  But today's newsletter is focused on supporting career professionals in any and every setting - mid to high-level professionals who yearn for an AMAZING career, but are a bit stuck as to how to create it.


I love coaching individuals who dream big and believe they are worthy of achieving their fantastic dreams - it's such rewarding and exciting work. After spending nine years in coaching, I believe I've seen almost all of the many types of obstacles and blocks that keep people stuck and unable to reach their highest potential.  My focus is on helping you overcome those obstacles and step up to claim the amazing career you desire.


Towards that end, below is a link to my latest Forbes piece on (click the link to access the article): 



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This piece explores the five most important steps to take to move forward on your path of creating an amazing and fulfilling career and professional life.  My experience is that without taking these steps, the road to "amazing" is challenging at best, impossible at worst. 


I look forward to your comments and insights - please let me know your thoughts by writing to me or posting them at the bottom of the Forbes article.  I'd be honored if you would share your input, and happy to respond back to you on Forbes!



In line with my new focus on helping folks achieve "amazing!" in their lives and careers, I'm so excited to be developing a powerful new career transformation program this summer called The Amazing Career Project, which is dedicated to helping women achieve their highest and most exciting career dreams and visions.  


If you're ready and committed to stepping up to your most amazing career visions, this program is for you!

The program offers a number of levels and services to suit a wide variety of needs and situations, and will feature video instruction and webcasts, home assignments to move you forward, live Q&A calls to offer hands-on career coaching support, masterminds and exciting live events around the country. And I plan to offer my "My 52 Mistakes" video series as a bonus!   


Feel free to reach out to me to share what you'd like to see this program offer, and tell me about the particular challenges you're facing today that you'd like help with.   


I'm excited for the future and for helping you create your future as you truly want it.  Many thanks for being a part of my amazing and diverse community. I'm honored and thrilled to be connected.


All best wishes for amazing success, and a wonderful July!

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P.P. S. If you too are tired of how mean and nasty folks are being in their online communications, you'll like my latest Ellia Communications post on Why We're So Hateful to Strangers. Let me know what you think! 

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Ellia offers transformational career coaching, leadership and communications training, executive consulting and resources that help professional women break through to greater success, fulfillment and reward in their careers.  We also support organizations to create more diverse and inclusive work cultures that encourage all members of the workforce to thrive equally and reach their highest potential.  


(And yes!  We are happy to coach and support professional men too!)

Kathy's book,
Breakdown, Breakthrough offers a powerful, holistic guide to overcoming the 12 hidden crises women face today.  See Kathy's Forbes blog for coverage of top career issues and trends.

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