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Imagine an epic beer festival almost untouched by tourism. A hidden gem pre-dating Oktoberfest by 55 years. Today, we'll take you there.
And preview the new Nordic Rock tour to Iceland, Denmark and one of Europe's best open air concerts.
Erlanger Bergkirchweih A Hidden Gem


When it comes to raising a beer to traditional German music, you probably think Munich Oktoberfest; the biggest beer festival on earth.

Prepare to have your preconceived notions shattered.

Erlanger BergkirchweihJust 200km from the famous festival, sits a small and charming town - home to the 2nd largest beer festival in Germany.

It even pre-dates Oktoberfest by 55 years!

Find out here what festival this is.. read on >



Euro Hard'n'Fast 2012Memories of Europe

It's the best Oktoberfest tour ever to hit Europe, and the legends on Euro Hard'n'Fast 2012 absolutely owned every single bar we visited.
Euro Hard'n'Fast 2012The drinks were raised. The music turned up. The dance floors dominated. And these amazing travellers had the time of their lives.

Check out the photos on Facebook.

It's back in 2013 with only a few seats left!

Contact us today for details.




Nordic RockNew Nordic Rock tour!


Nordic Rock will take you to the very best nightlife of Iceland, Denmark and an open air concert in Germany that will rock you to the tune of AC/DC.


- Reykjavik, Iceland
- Copenhagen, Denmark
- Hamburg, Germany (incl. open air concert)


For those who wanna rock, details soon right here.

Contact us today for info.


Owning High Cube Bar
High Cube Bar (Valencia, Spain) on 28th Aug. Thanks to those who partied on Spanish Bar-Mada!

Owning High Cube Bar, Valencia
Owning High Cube Bar, Valencia
Deep MakarskaWorld Thirst - Deep


A stunning natural cave that's been transformed into a bar, you'll find Deep set right on the beach in Makarska, Croatia.


Deep MakarskaYou're guaranteed one those "I love life" moments with beverage in hand viewing an ocean sunset.


Wear casual, summer clothes - once the place starts to pack out, it gets bloody hot inside.


What to drink: Karlovacko, a popular Croatian beer

Guzzle your way to World Thirst for more epic watering holes.

A special SwagMag will be out in 2 weeks with some gifts from Santa for all you good thirsty people :-)

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Thirsty Traveller 
Taking flight with her Thirsty shirt is Nichole Pinkus from USA.
After skydiving at over 120mph, she went to the nearest bar of course to celebrate her adventure.
We bet that drink was even better than the freefall Nichole!


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Travel Fact


There have been more US astronauts than BA Concorde pilots.



Words from Smash!


If I had all the money I'd ever spent on beer, I'd spend it on.. Beer! 



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