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As my kiddos jump into bed without properly washing their face (something I NEVER go to sleep without doing) I wonder, "How long can they get away with this? When do I need to establish a skincare routine for them?" Yes, they wash their faces during bath time, but what about those times when bath is skipped? Breezy Mama turns to Christy Prunier, founder of Willa Skincare, a new line which was developed specifically for young girls, for answers.


From Christy:

What encompasses a smart skincare routine is very personal and changes with the very specific skincare needs that evolve over time.  For a tween--a daily cleanser, a moisturizer like Willa Face the Day which is green tea, aloe and eucalyptus--are very light and formulated for young sensitive skin.  Also a natural SPF should become a daily ritual.  As a child gets older and hormones kick in and acne makes its unwelcome debut, spot treatments as well as masks can be a useful tool.


Currently, with my three and six year olds, I wash their face with a warm washcloth and mild soap-is that enough? At what age should we start a "skin care routine" with our children?


I think a skincare routine should begin as soon as your child is. . . 

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