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The Joys and Sorrows of Open Concept Office Space

Beautifully designed office space with wide open areas and lots of natural light seem like the perfect setting for collaborative teams to really get things done. However, the new "cubeless" office lifestyle has brought about a new consideration in productivity and comfort - noise and how to mitigate it in the office.

In fact, a 2013 study from the University of Sydney found that a lack of sound privacy was far and away the biggest drain on employee morale. So what does this mean for your new, beautiful, and very open work space? You may need to consider adding ambient noise to the environment.

Ambient noise is not a new concept. We all know someone who cannot sleep without a fan. This is a form of ambient noise commonly referred to as white noise. The consistency of the sound masks all other, more distracting or sharp noise in the area to allow for more restful and sound sleep.

While you don't want employees sleeping at their desks, a similar concept can be effective in reducing distracting noise at work. In addition to white noise, there is also pink noise. The general definition of the difference between white and pink noise is; white noise is equal energy per frequency and pink noise is equal energy per octave. Meaning pink noise lessens the sharp noises that range in pitch. Energy per octave means we don't hear anything more substantial happening when a high note jumps up an octave than we do a low note.

In the office supply world, a new category of office equipment has opened in response to the white/pink noise demand. For example, Logitech makes a speaker that produces pink noise. The compact design of the speaker makes it ideal for an office environment.

Headphones are another idea for those who want to fully block out the world around them. Noise cancelling headphones from Maxell HP are on sale this month for $41.18.

Adding area rugs specifically designed to dampen noise are a good addition for function and style in any work space with hard surface floors. Their ability to absorb voice and footstep noise is a good way to keep your beautiful open concept, but make it more conducive to work and less annoying for those living in those spaces.

For more ideas on ways to mitigate noise in your office, visit the specials area of our website. You'll find it on our home page at

When the Desk Fits!

headset-woman.jpg Ergonomics is a hot topic in the world of office furniture; especially when it comes to desks and chairs. Making sure your employees are comfortable and well fitted to desks, chairs, and other work environments can increase productivity and save your company money in the long run.
Answering the question of what office furniture is best is a big question and one that can be hard to answer. In fact, without a background in furniture ergonomics it's downright confusing and you run the risk of investing in furniture that really doesn't work.
Great River Office Products is here to help.
When looking for the chair you or your employees will sit in for the majority of the day, make sure to find something that fits:
  • Adjustable chairs allow you and your employees to make the seat height work for people of varying sizes. Working with the chair adjusted so feet can rest flat and comfortably on the floor is your goal
  • Adjustable arms rest will ensure proper alignment to keyboards
  • Finding a chair with good lumbar support will decrease back fatigue
  • Find something durable with comfortable and high-quality fabric
Your office chair is important, but having a spacious, ergonomically designed desk can help you operate with efficiency:
  • Find a desk that fits you well. How hard would it be for you to reach things on the other side of the desk?
  • A pull out tray for keyboards is an important feature of an ergonomic desk. It helps to keep wrists in the right position to avoid strain
  • Sitting for long periods of time is one of the main causes for fatigue and muscle soreness. You may want to consider some of our easy-to-adjust standup desk options.
  • Find a desk with high in-desk storage capacity to keep your office organized
Great River Office Products has an expert team to find office furniture that ideally fits you and your space. During our in-person consultation we assess your needs to find ergonomic office furniture that fits everyone comfortably and also looks great in your space.
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Non-Profit Corner

At Great River Office Products we support our local community. We feel one of the best ways to do this is through supporting charities who help locally. As our first featured non-profit, we have chosen the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). They do wonderful things to support people and families dealing with mental illness. 

Want more information, check out the web site.
Why walk for NAMI?

Next month we will need a new non-profit event to promote.Please contact us if you have one you would like to suggest.

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