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Welcome to my March 2016 Newsletter, in which I hope to share with you some key ways to define success, the benefits of pre-employment testing, and just how important is that business suit?

I hope you find it informative. Send me your feedback and contact me with any questions or any of your needs.


Defining Success
4 Benefits of Competency Models
An integrated selection and development process starts by determining what success looks like in a specific job and then determining what capabilities (personality, motivations, skills, abilities, education, etc.) contribute to success.

We can help you identify what defines success in the job. Once that target is defined, each component of the process is designed so that all critical capabilities are measured

Critical capabilities are often defined as competency models. A competency model
is the combination of skills, knowledge, and characteristics needed to perform well in a certain position. Well, okay, but what does that mean for you?

Think about all the things that make someone good at their job within your company. Maybe your company needs someone who is tech-savvy, gets things done quickly, or can motivate other people. Regardless of what you need, those traits and skills are competencies, and all of those added together create a competency model.

Competence in any area combines many factors, including both innate and learned characteristics. Success in a competency area comes through the knowledge and understanding of these characteristics. Once you know, you can both build on your learned skills and knowledge and leverage your innate characteristics (such as natural abilities and personality characteristics) to improve job performance.

The benefits of competency models are numerous, but here are the top 4:
Pre-employment Tests for Job Candidates 
Pre-employment tests can be given to job candidates to determine if they would make a good fit for your company and eventually a
positive contribution. This will save your company in time and expenses and increase the company morale and productivity. The testing is typically centered around cognitive abilities, knowledge, work skills, language proficiency, and even integrity. But it is important to implement a set of pre-employment tests for your organization that are valid, reliable and free of adverse impact. They must also be used properly. 

I can help you create the appropriate tests as well as set up an online testing system that will provide you with instant reporting. 
Business or Business Casual? Studies show that what you wear to work does make a difference in how you perform. Dressing in business attire is empowering, instills confidence and results in higher levels of success. If you are not ready to ditch the flip flops,  read the full article from NPR to learn more.


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