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Safety communication: more than a monthly meeting

The employee's right to know about hazards is the law right across Canada, and sometimes we just check it off with one more safety meeting. But the right information at the right time can be the difference between life and tragedy. Bryan Giesbrecht was a railway conductor, working a snowy night on an isolated siding when he was killed - all because of one gap in communication; one thing he didn't know about the hazards on the site. Bryan's mom Katie now shares his story as a way to remind companies of the importance of communication and hazard knowledge. Is there a hazard you've missed on your site?
A safe place

The first time she went to a Threads of Life family forum, Mary Lou says she and her son were "both so fragile... But even as I packed up our bags in the dark and headed home to a sunrise in Brampton, I knew I would be back. I had finally found a space where the ache of my solitary loss was not something to hide from but rather there were others out there who had already made this journey and were willing to show me how to live into this new normal." Three of our four annual family forums happen in the Fall, and they will bring together families who've experienced a workplace fatality, serious injury or occupational disease, to share experiences and learn healthy coping skills. Through your fundraising and volunteering, you've helped to create this safe space for families like Mary Lou's. Thank you!
A crafty idea

Doing good is good for us. And doing good as a team is good for morale. Turn your next employee event into a fundraiser for Threads of Life families. Here's an idea from our Partnerships and Fundraising staff:

Are you and your friends crafty? Then a craft sale can be a way to put your talents to work for your favourite charity, Threads of Life. Assemble your completed projects, make up some posters and notify everyone on Facebook. It takes just a few volunteers to organize a craft sale to support Threads of Life or to support the fundraising efforts of your Steps for Life walk team.

Steps for Life - How your efforts help Threads of Life families! 

In May 2017, with the help of more than 5,500 walkers, over $690,000 was raised during our annual Steps for Life - Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy event. 

This is a central part of our ability to help our Threads of Life families. We currently support more than 2,500 families through various means (Regional Family Forums, Volunteer Family Guides, Speakers Bureau) and methods of communication (newsletter, website, social media).

Threads of Life is a national registered charity, which means we are governed by federal charity laws. We are also accredited by Imagine Canada's Standards program, which recognizes excellence in five areas of operation (board governance, financial accountability & transparency, fundraising, staff management and volunteer involvement). This accreditation is important for us as we take our responsibility in serving our families and stakeholders very earnestly. And it gives you confidence in us.
OPCA's gifts growing and growing   

For the fourth year running, the Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association (OPCA) held their annual golf tournament this month, raising $8,800 to help Threads of Life's family members. OPCA's support has increased every year and makes a huge difference in the lives of those affected by fatalities, life-altering injuries and occupational disease. Family member Erin Pitruzzella attended to share her story and to share all of our thanks.

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