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Imagine a festival where, for 8 days, there are no rules. Just pure party magic. Today, we'll take you there.


And experience 2 other festivals in 5-star luxury, with the very best hotel packages available.


Pure Party Magic


Burning Man Festival

It's a festival that'll take you far beyond your wildest dreams as you step into a reality unlike any other.

When you head into the depth of Black Rock City in the vast Nevada Desert of the USA, you'll find a temporary city of 48,000 inhabitants..


..all living in tents, cars, caravans and trailers.

Burning Man Festival 

For 8-days, there are no rules - just creative and open people from around the globe who party and will leave no trace of the magical metropolis a week later.

Find out here what festival this is.. read on >




La Tomatina Luxury


La Tomatina Festival

Want the ultimate tomato fest experience?


Here's the only 5-star La Tomatina package available, where you'll be staying at The Westin - the very best hotel in Valencia.


The Westin

5-star Package

27-30 Aug from just €595 (<5 seats left) 


Check out The Westin gallery here


Thirsty? Contact us today.




Oktoberfest Luxury


Drink & Stay FitWhy tent it, when you can sleep off your beer-swilling fun at the very best hotels available in Munich?


Located just outside the main entrance of Oktoberfest, both our hotels are only 2 minutes walking from the beer tents.


3-star Package at Hotel Senator

Midweek 1, 24-27 Sept  (<5 seats)

Midweek 2, 1-4 Oct  (<10 seats)


5-star Package at Four Points by Sheraton

Midweek 2, 1-4 Oct  (<5 seats)


See details of availability here

Contact us today for enquiries.


Ever been to a Foam Party?

These people have on last year's Spanish Bar-Mada tour. Check out their epic night.

Foam Party in Ibiza
Foam Party in Ibiza

Beer Barrel Saloon
World Thirst - Beer Barrel Saloon


Affectionately called "The Barrel", the Beer Barrel Saloon boasts a 123.7m (405 ft 10 in) long bar, 160 bar stools and 56 beer taps


Beer Barrel Saloon

With its pure Midwestern hospitality, you'll immediately make friends with some of the islanders that permanently live here on South Bass Island, USA.

Interestingly, in winter the surrounding lake freezes over - so the only way in and out is via plane.

What to drink: 56 beers. One from each tap

Guzzle your way to World Thirst for more epic watering holes.

Next month, you'll be dying for a drink at a quirky bar in Slovenia. We'll also feature some early bird rates for our 2014 tours.
Stay thirsty,
Thirsty Swagman Team
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   Denise, USA

Thirsty Traveller 

Bathing in the sun and sipping drinks is Denise from USA.
She say's G'day from Sunset Bar & Grill in Saint Maarten, a bar with a unique location: at the end of an airport runway.
Cheers to you Denise!

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Travel Fact


It is illegal to die in the House of Parliament in London. Because it is a Royal Palace, you are technically entitled to a state funeral.



Words from Smash!


"Everybody has to believe in something. I believe I'll have another drink." W.C. Fields 



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