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Sales and Marketing Development Course
January 11 -
March 28, 2012


Is a disconnect between sales and marketing stunting your business growth?
Many businesses treat sales and marketing as separate silos, dividing their business development efforts and stunting growth.
The truth is, each division - sales and marketing - provides one half of the total ROI picture. When sales and marketing are aligned with the customer experience, businesses create customer evangelists - the true drivers of strong, sustainable business growth.
Our Smarketing Development Course shows you how to achieve your business development goals by making sales and marketing work together for customer retention and experience. 

How many people who download a freebie from your website actually end up doing business with you? If your numbers are lower than you expected, you're not alone.


That's because the inbound marketing formula of offering something for free in the hopes that someone will buy something is already becoming outdated. 

And no business book can give you a perfect formula for keeping clients from shopping around for cheaper service - not in this economy.

So how will you reach your business growth goals in 2012 - let alone achieve those big, audacious dreams you had when you first started your business?

Sales and Marketing Business Development Course

Get to where you want to be with a simple, repeatable business development process.  Our Sales and Marketing Business Development Course starts next week.

I truly hope you will join us. It changed my business. It will change yours too.



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