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Israel / Kansas Proclamation
Signed at Captiol Pastors Briefing!
April 26th is the 64th Anniversary of Israels Independence.  Governor Sam Brownback signed this historic proclamtion yesterday in front of a overflowing crowd of Pastors and Ministry Leaders in Kansas. The crowd jumped to their feet is roaring applause when Governor Sam Brownback, surrounded by key legislators and leaders, announced this proclamation. 
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WHEREAS,  The State of Israel is an ally of the United States in a dangerous region of the world; and


WHEREAS,  Isreal shares with the United States a deep commitment to democracy and freedom; and


WHEREAS,  Israel is on the front-line in the battle against international terrorism and those who would threaten global peace and stability; and


WHEREAS,  Kansas has a strong relationship with Israel that includes economic, trade and cultural ties; and


WHEREAS,  the trade relationship between Kansas and Israel helps strengthen the national defense of Israel with the use of Kansas-manufactured aircraft by the Israel Air Force; and


WHEREAS,  Israel celebrated Yom Ha'atzmaut (Independence Day) on 5 lyar on the Jewish calendar, or April 26, 2012; and


WHEREAS, April 26, 2012 will commemorate the 64th anniversary of Israeli statehood:


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Sam Brownback, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF KANSAS, do hereby proclaim April 26th, of 2012 as


Independence Day of Israel


in Kansas and urge all citizens to join in this observation.



Praise the Lord for an overflowing
Captiol Pastors Briefing!

Even standing room was at a premium!


At 9 a.m. Joel 2 was read, and the shofar sounded throughout the corridors of Memorial Hall, the building that houses Kansas Secretary of State and Kansas Attorney General.


The watchmen on the wall gathered in Topeka to receive a charge from Governor Sam Brownback, Christian Legislators, Pro-Family Leaders, David Barton, Pastor Ronnie W. Rogers, and Joel Oster of Alliance Defense Fund to "get involved, stay involved, recruit Godly men and women from their congregations to run for school board, city council, county commissioners, representatives, and senators of the great state of Kansas. 


David Barton shared the great, rich spiritual heritage of Kansas,speaking to the nation through it's leaders of the past.  President Dwight Eisenhower brought forth a bill to place "under God" in our pledge.  He initiated our national motto, "In God We Trust."  He made it law to place that motto on our paper currency.  Frank Carlson, in 1953 started the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D. C. that takes place the 1st Thursday of February. 


Pastors and leaders were encouraged to continue this rich spiritual tradition and mandate from the heart of the nation.  May Kansas become the lighthouse as we sound the trumpet calling forth righteousness to exalt this nation.


Value Voters Tool Kits were passed out to churches who had never done voter registration in the past.


Pictures and a full report will appear on the website very soon.  Thank you to all who made this day possible. Dozens of volunteers, greeters, servers helped the day to flow smoothly. 


We would like to especially thank the many financial sponsors that made this day possible.  

Sponsors of Capitol Pastors Briefing:

Gulledge Family Foundation, Richard & Glenda Harder

Warren & Susie Harshman, Lisa Ritchie, Senator Dick Kelsey, Rep. Peggy Mast, Dr.Gayln Perry, Senator Steve Abrams, Rep. Pete & Karen DeGraaf, Rep. Steve Brunk,

Jim & Liz Pearce


Many heard about this event from our promotional sponsors Bott Radio Network and KJIL.  Thank you for your continued support of Culture Shield Network.  You are a blessing!

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National Governors Prayer Team Leader of Kansas
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