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Rethink That Routine Antibiotic Prophylaxis Request From Your Patient's Dental Office
Issue 2: November 22, 2016

Last week we introduced you to the "Practising Wisely" newsletter, a weekly series focused on Choosing Wisely, a campaign to help clinicians and patients engage in conversations about unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures. Visit the "Quick Links" section of this communication for more information about how you can Choose/Practise Wisely.

This week we are focusing on requests for antibiotics from patients who have recently had a total joint replacement at their dentist's office.

Earlier this year, orthopods, dentists and infectious disease specialists released a one-page Consensus Statement Re: Dental Patients with Total Join Replacement.The consensus clearly indicates that routine antibiotic prophylaxis is not indicated and may in fact expose patients to the adverse effects of antibiotics.

The statement is one page long and can be printed/faxed/emailed to the dental practitioner. Our experience is that providing such education goes a long way to decreasing future demands for this intervention. Let us know how your experience goes!

Topics in Future Issues of this newsletter:

  • Pre-op requests for bloodwork, ECG
  • Requests from physiotherapists for imaging
  • Reviewing Choosing Wisely recommendations by each speciality
  • Practising Wisely success stories
  • STARS (Students and Trainees Advocating for Resource Stewardship)
  • Patient education information
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