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Issue 4: Talk About Choosing Wisely with Learners
December 6, 2016

Many of us have learners in our practices such as students and residents of medicine, nursing students, Physician Assistants, and other allied health professionals.

One of the more recent and integral parts of Choosing Wisely is STARS (Students and Trainees Advocating for Resource Stewardship). STARS is designed to foster awareness amongst medical students in Canada about Choosing Wisely and speciality society lists of recommendations.

STARS has a list of 6 things medical students and trainees should question. Visit the Quick Links section of this newsletter to read the one-page document for yourself and share it with the learners in your clinic. Below is an example of one of the recommendations on the list:

"Consider other less invasive treatment options before you suggest ordering the most invasive test or treatment."

All of these points are important considerations in ordering tests, treatments or procedures and for us as teachers, it is worthwhile to be prepared to have this kind of discussion with our learners.

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