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November 13, 2015
Did You Know
National Diversity Awards Earned in Stark Area
Insight into Diversity has awarded Kendra Preer, PhD, Director of Upward Bound Math-Science Academy at Stark State College, the prestigious Diversity Visionary Award and  the University of Akron and Kent State University are 2015 Heed Award winners. Both awards recognize the commitment to diversity in higher education.
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Collaboration at Local, Public Montessori Benefits Students  
Families in five Stark districts - Canton City, Jackson Local, Lake Local, Plain Local and North Canton City - may choose to send their kindergarten through 8th grade students to free, public, Montessori school thanks to the partnership and collaborative efforts of school leaders in these districts.
Dr. Bob Roden, Dean of Students, recently gave me an opportunity to visit with students aPortage Collaborative Montessori School (PCMS) Upon entering a classroom, the young  greeter for the week introduced herself, shook my hand, 
and welcomed me. She explained various classroom procedures that clearly outlined expectations for students and offered support when needed. She told how students  often work together, and that they are able to choose the order in which tasks are completed.  It was clear that developing independent learners who treat others with respect was a primary goal.

What ' s different at PCMS?  Students stay with one teacher for three years in a mixed-age class.  The teacher individualizes the  curriculum to meet each child ' s ability  and performance level, and there is key emphasis on social development. 
When asked to describe the strengths of PCMS, Dr. Roden shared, "This is a family. We know the students and families well, and we all work together to personalize the learning experiences for students. The teachers are caring and...engage the students in learning that matters. Students create, solve problems, work collaboratively, are self-directed, and are expected to practice kindness and respect every day." 
Currently, there are 211 students in attendance at PCMS, and their building report card is stellar! If you haven ' t yet visited, you are missing a treasure in Stark County!
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The Stark Education Partnership, Inc., is a 501(c)-3 non-profit education reform support organization in Stark County, Ohio crossing the lines of 17 public school districts. The Partnership collaborates with educators, business, community and civic leaders to create and respond to opportunities that will add substantial and measurable value to education. 

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