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December 11, 2015
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iCARE: Stark's Team Approach Provides Strong Comprehensive System of Support 

When Stark families, educators, social service agencies, and community partners come together to focus on the needs of children in our community, effective solutions are found! Over 20 years ago, leaders in the Stark community worked to design a comprehensive, proactive approach to support students with severe, pervasive or chronic barriers to learning. The result is our current  iCARE Team Initiative.  
iCare is a system of learning supports that ensures all students and families have an equal opportunity for success by providing community and school resources, strategies and practices.

Kay Port, iCARE Director, shared: "CARE Teams provide a valuable safety net for students and families of our community facing any degree of non-academic barrier. Through the support and collaboration of our county agencies, CARE Teams partner with schools to address student needs and implement appropriate supports in a timely manner." 
CARE is an acronym that represents the guiding principles of this work:
Coordination of county resources and services;  Alignment of program models and resources to avoid the duplication of services;  Resources that braid and blend both fiscal and in-kind services to promote a comprehensive system of care and support;  Engage, empower and educate our youth (pre K-16), families and community to equip them with skills for life long success and learning [1].

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The Stark Education Partnership, Inc., is a 501(c)-3 non-profit education reform support organization in Stark County, Ohio crossing the lines of 17 public school districts. The Partnership collaborates with educators, business, community and civic leaders to create and respond to opportunities that will add substantial and measurable value to education. 

Questions or comments? Email septpurses@gmail.com or call 330-452-0829. Visit our website at http://www.edpartner.org