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April 21, 2017
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Seniors Excel at Timken Early College High School

According to Proof Positive[1] - the latest report on the first eight graduating classes of Timken Early College High School (TECHS) - 100% (409) of TECHS students have completed a high school diploma since 2009. A report by the Ohio Department of Higher Education [2] emphasizes the need for an increase in education beyond high school whether it be a certificate, training, or college degree. TECHS Seniors who graduated in 2016 are well on their way to helping the state reach its goal. A full 63% of students in the class of 2016 graduated high school with an associate degree from Stark State College. [3]

What mindset do TECHS students have that helps them be successful? TECHS student feedback from a survey of 2016 graduates provides more of the story. Having a goal early that is nurtured and developed, as well as receiving wrap around services and support, can mean the difference between being in the game or not playing at all:
What was your goal when you applied to Early College in the 8th grade?
  • I wanted to be the first in my family with a college degree and career.
  • I wanted to finish with two degrees.
  • I wanted to work toward becoming a college professor with a PhD.
  • I wanted to be a math teacher.
What is the most powerful thing that happens at Timken Early College to support success?
  • The staff and faculty at TECHS helped me to realize my goal and get back on track when I needed it. 
    There is help available including tutoring before and after school, a writing center, and teachers and  friends who support you. 
  • From the first day we are expected to "push high." We were expected to do more, so we did more. They helped us and wanted us to do better. 
  • TECHS is family oriented. There are common challenges that drew us together. We helped each other and it was the greatest opportunity ever.
  • We were not treated like kids. I don't do well when a teacher doesn't care about me as a person, that's not the case at TECHS.
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