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It's A New Year - A Year of Faith, A Time Of Hope.
One month into 2013, and here at Cunneen it already feels like spring. We are getting that feeling of things about to break the surface, burst into bloom, put out new growth in all directions. That's the feeling we get when projects move from planning or delay to approval and launch, when things start moving forward and not back, when optimism overtakes pessimism!

We're hearing the good word from across the country: offertories are stabilizing, confidence is on the rise, new initiatives for mission and outreach are moving to the front burner, and capital campaigns for construction, restoration and renovation projects are kicking off!

Are you and the organizations you lead getting the feeling, too? We hope you are starting to see these same signs of spring in your diocese, parish or school - and that you will give us at Cunneen the chance to partner with you for the future.

Cunneen would like to be a part of your offertory enhancement, feasibility study, capital campaign or parishioner engagement plans in 2013. Our Offertory Enhancement program is achieving increases of 18% or greater, our Capital Campaigns are surpassing goals, and our newly launched parishioner Community Engagement program is generating enthusiastic participation!

To learn more about how we can help make spring come early for you in 2013, please take a few moments to visit our website and contact me directly via phone (800.842.4488) or email .

And for the month of February - receive a FREE $10 Starbucks gift card by visiting our facebook page . Like our page, fill out a quick form and we'll send you the card - it's that easy.

Come grow with us this year!

John Cunneen, President

P.S. Diocesan Development Directors, talk to me today about our new full line of diocesan services - including complete annual appeal promotion and fulfillment!
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