August will bring us several opportunities for fellowship. Mark your calendar now for the church pic-a-nic (another of Fr. Kevin's word morphs) on Sunday, August 12th, starting at 200pm at the stately Patrick Manor. Swimming, boat rides, picnic food. What could be more fun for a summer Sunday? The Patricks are always generous and gracious to St. Auggie's, so please plan to come. St. Ann will provide details coming up so you'll know what to bring.

Also, note the Faith and Family night on Saturday, August 11th. Details are below.

Finally, mark your calendar, if you haven't already, to join the saints of St. Augustine's for our Dedication Festival on August 26th. We will celebrate the founding of St. Augustine's and the confirmation of our young folks. Bishop Roger and his wife, Gretsie, will join us for this blessed event. Needless to say, you will not want to miss this huge day in the life of our church.

Join us at MAPFRE Stadium for Faith and Family night on Saturday, August 11 . The kickoff is at 7:30pm. Tickets are $20 or $30.
I’ll be collecting money the next two Sundays for this, and picking up the tab for the kids in confirmation class. Anyone can go. 
It’s also zoo night. Columbus Zoo will have animals on the plaza pre-match. Post-match kids 14 and under can go on the field and boot one in from the penalty mark. 
Fr. Terry Gatwood 
It's BIG SUNDAY! Can you bring some cat/dog food and/or supplies for CHA? Can you contribute to the Pastor's Discretionary Fund? We'll ask God's blessings on those with August birthdays and anniversaries on this first Sunday of the month.
On our Dedication Festival/Confirmation Sunday, we will have a choir under the direction of our own Ken Matsuda. He directs the Columbus Japanese Women's Choir, and so there is no doubt he can whip us into shape by August 26th. He has volunteered to conduct two coaching sessions in August to get us ready. All you need to do at this point is let Dondra know if you want to sing. Click here to do that.
We have a great opportunity for ministry, to embody the Lord's love for his people, and to help out a faithful Christian family during a dark time in their life together.  I encourage you to get involved and help the Lewises out with meals for the next few weeks.   Please click this link for details from St. Ann. Thank you in advance, St. Auggie's, for your love and Christian charity. God bless you.

As you keep our young people in your prayers, consider participating in a new ministry we are going to begin no later than the fall. It’s called Engage and you can read a quick description about it  here . Engage pairs adults with youth to read the Bible one on one, talk about it what you’ve read/what it means for you, and to pray together. This is a great chance to develop significant new relationships as you participate in an important new ministry for the life and health of our parish and to see first-hand the power of God’s word at work.
Dr. Falor is in charge of fund raising ideas for the capital drive. He asks that you please send any idea for fund raisers to him  by clicking here . Keep in mind your ideas should be geared to things that non-members might be willing to come to, e.g., a wine tasting sponsored by St. Augustine’s. So put your creative thinking caps on and email Dr. Falor your ideas.

Speaking of Dr. Falor, he has asked that every one of us download the HQ Live app from either Apple’s App Store for iPhone or Google’s Play Store (or whatever it’s called that loser Android users go to). For the Apple App Store the link is  The idea is for us as a parish to play trivia together with the potential to win a lot of money that we can then donate to the capital fund. Download the app and you’ll see what he’s talking about.  Email Dr. Falor with any questions .

The team from St. Augustine's fed over 200 men, women, and children at Faith Mission on Saturday. This mission is at the start and the heart of our parish. Thanks to all who sliced, diced, baked, and served, and to our leader, St. Ann, and her husband, Curt (the one with the big smile on the right!). If you have not participated, sign up for the next quarter's visit. You will bless others and receive a blessing, too.
CLICK HERE  to read/listen to Sunday's sermon.
Birthday Cake


Aug. 1
Jackson G.

Aug. 3
Dondra M.

Aug. 5
Sarah H.

Aug 10
Cheri D.

Aug 14
Debbie P.

Aug. 19
Deanna G.

Aug. 28
Margaret C.

Aug. 30
Betsy Y.


Aug. 4
David and Mary Megan A.

Aug 16
Curt and Ann C.

If we do not have your birthday/anniversary listed, please let Kathy Darling or Fr. Kevin know!

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Thanks for the team that fed 200 men, women, and children at Faith Mission on Saturday. This mission is at the start and the heart of St. Augustine's Anglican Church. If you have not participated, make sure you see St. Ann to reserve your spot for next time. God will bless you as you bless others.
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