Welcome to Giving Tuesday!  

Did you know that in January 2018, Blue Mountain School will be opening a lower elementary class and welcoming even more new families to our community? What a great way to start the New Year!

As the student population continues to grow to record highs, the staff and trustees are working hard to keep up. Building a larger space for our enrichment classes and for our community gatherings is at the top of our list.
Let's work together to put the finishing touches on this Blue Mountain Barn Raising! We only need to raise $2,500 today to meet our goal of $10,000!  

We're Almost There! Let's Put the Last Piece in Place! 
When you make your donation or pledge, be sure to let us know how many hours you'd like to contribute for our Barn Raising Day in 2018.  
Don't worry if you aren't a carpenter or a plumber; there will be jobs for everyone. From event planners to cake bakers, from painters to polishers, we have a job for you!  
And don't forget, everyone who donates at least $1 has a chance to win our BMS Barn Quilt This quilt was designed and painted by students and staff at Blue Mountain, and it is a great representation of the wonderful things we can create when we work together!

It's Almost Tax Time -- Want to Pay Less? 
When you file your Virginia taxes early next year, treat yourself to a big credit! Donate at least $500 ($616 for a business), and you'll be eligible for a 65% state tax credit. You'll get $325 ($400 for a business) of your donation paid back to you by the state!
Together, We Can Do It!

Do you know someone who may be interested in supporting Blue Mountain School? Please consider sharing this email with your family and friends.
We love welcoming new faces into our school community!  

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