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November 2016
Gutter Cleaning Season
Have Annis Home Enhancement expertly and safely clean your glutters.

Clogged gutters can cause water to overflow and collect

Gutter Cleaning
around the foundation of your home. During colder months, this excess water freezes and expands causing frost heave, or cracks in your foundation wall. When the water backs up in your gutters, it also creates roof leaks that can result in interior damage to walls and ceilings.

Gutters should be cleaned and downspouts cleared at least once per year to prevent water and ice build up which can damage your home. Wooden Gutters should be cleaned and oiled to prevent wood rot. We can also remove the dirty zebra stripes visible on the gutter exterior.
Avoid the costly repairs from damage to eaves, roofs and siding.
Other Cleaning Services
Offer Valid through 11/30/16
Our On-Site certified "fabricare specialists" are Hunter-Douglas™ Certified. Our methods include either a Dry or Wet cleaning process depending upon the materials to be cleaned. We also offer fire retardant and fabric protection.
Offer Valid through 11/30/16
If your roof has black stains, green patches or moss growing on it, you need to have it cleaned. These visible will lead to leaks, mold spores, shingle and wood rot. Our method safely washes away years of stains in just a few hours, returning your roof to its natural state.
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