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November 2017

November is our final month to focus on our quarterly theme of purpose and we are going to hone in on the part of YHC's purpose that explores ethical values.
I often think of beliefs as branches and values as the deep roots in our tree of life. That's probably why I'm rather enamored with the words of 13th century Sufi Muslim and Mystic poet Rumi: Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots. It's not always easy get to the roots but as a Humanist, digging deep is a crucial part of exploring ethical values. 
Our values are evident by how we actually live our day-to-day lives. It follows the advice to 'watch what they do, not what they say'. And it's shared values that can bring people together. 
Brain researcher Roger Sperry has said that "Human values, in addition to their commonly recognized significance from a personal, religious, or philosophic standpoint, can also be viewed objectively as universal determinants in all human decision making. All decisions boil down to a choice among alternatives of what is most valued... More than any other causal system with which science concerns itself, it is variables in human value systems that will determine the future."

Yale Humanist Community seeks to provide a place where you and I can explore ethical values, dig deep to find shared values, and promote unity through values rather than division by beliefs.  I look forward to exploring, digging, and unifying with you this month!

With purpose and gratitude,
Serve others.... with socks
The Humanist Association of CT is currently collecting new socks  that will be donated to area homeless shelters. Socks are a basic yet often overlooked need and this is a simple way to serve others right now, right here! Let's join our Humanist forces and knock the socks off the shelves and onto some feet! Please bring brand new, any size, socks to Humanist Haven, WTF, Smart Recovery, Sagan Day, or the YHC office during the month of November.
Hope to see you at one of our November Humanist Haven gatherings: Nov. 5th and Nov. 17th at 1pm 
Here's what our guest speaker Carl Chudy had to say on Oct. 15th: 
Exciting news for Yale students!
The weekly student dinners are now on Tuesdays from 6-7:30pm. Still at Silliman and still every week with graduate student and YHC Board Director Vlad Chituc! It's a great way to meet others exploring humanism and be part of the YHC on campus. More exciting things will be taking place with the student dinners next semester. Stayed tuned.

We're hosting a Death Cafe for students on Tues., Nov. 28th, from 8-9:30pm! That's right, a Death Cafe! YHC will provide cake and beverages along with a structure for open and frank discussion about death. All students are welcome. The location will be on campus and announced shortly. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for more info. If you'd like to help us distribute flyers around campus a week before the event, please let us know. 


What is Humanism to y ou ?
Adam Savage, former co-host of the Discovery channel's MythBusters, and 2017 Humanist of the Year, says: 
"My commitment to myself, to the betterment of the people around me, and my desire to see more clearly the bias and privilege that occurs both in me and in the world is what makes me a humanist. "
We want to hear your voice. You can submit your thoughts on what humanist is or what makes you a humanist at this link.

Contact Us
Feel free to reach out by calling us at 203-900-7942 or emailing:  

Executive Director:

Director of Operations: 

Board Chair, Chris Kriesen:
You can also email or call to set up an appointment to stop by our office at The Grove, 760 Chapel Street, New Haven. We'd love to see you!
Nov. 11th is almost here! 
Mark your calendar, get your ticket, and celebrate Sagan Day wit h us!
Saturday, November 11th, 7:30PM at The Grove. 

New York City f ilmmaker, Chris Johnson, will present clips from his documentary "A Better Life" and w e'll celebrate with an array of delicious desserts, wine, coffee, and a special YHC boutique. 
Tickets are just $25 ($30 at the door) and are available here

(Who or what to follow?) 
Discussion Group
With Tom Krattenmaker

November 12, 2017, 1PM 
at The Grove 
We meet the 2nd Sunday of each month.

Struggling with addiction? Join us for SMART Recovery

Are you struggling with addictive behaviors? Our weekly SMART Recovery support group meets every Wednesday, 7PM at
The Grove
760 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT
Please click here for updates regarding any cancellations of our meetings.
Meet our newest member of the YHC Board of Directors
Lori Fazzino!
Lori is a member of the Atheist Research Collaborative, and a doctoral candidate in Sociology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where she specializes in religion/irreligion, culture, and social movements. Lori is currently finishing her dissertation research that examines organized atheism in Las Vegas.
Lori is committed to social justice and secular activism. She is a strategy consultant who's worked with secular non-profit organizations, such as the Secular Student  Alliance and Openly Secular Coalition. Lori has also served on the board of directors for the Humanists and Atheists of Las Vegas (HALV). Through her scholarship and activism Lori raises awareness of religious privilege, anti-secular  discrimination, and continues to help pave the way for humanist interfaith engagement and secular community building for non-religious individuals. 
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