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A PromoTips Exclusive!
Ah...not really, the
Barbara Dail, MAS
will gladly share her
wisdom with anyone.

Meet this years PPAI 
H. Ted Olson Humanitarian Award Winner. 
From Mount Kilimanjaro
to the Hall of Fame.. 

Paul Kiewiet, MAS talks about his Hall of Fame induction and the issue that his is most passionate about

 Here's a Quick SuccessFit Tip
from the Treadmill! 
Charles Duggan from Astor Chocolate offers some insight on how 
to stay fit on the road...

Brandon Mackay from
SnugZ USA talks
about being active. 
Astor Chocolate and SnugZ USA are Supporters of the FPT SuccessFit Fundraising "Exercise" 
at the PPAI Expo!
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 This Gym Buddy Bag from Southern Plus is one of the of the Items you will receive in the SuccessFit "Exercise"  at the 
2015 PPAI Expo
Yeah...I always run
with a microphone! 
I LOVE this picture. It's perfect for Thanksgiving week.   

Many of you know I'm a dog person, but I confess that I'm now becoming a cat person. It pains me to say that! Spartacus, the mighty rat killer, is winning his way into our hearts.

Even Spud likes Spartacus! Dogs and cats can get along. Thanksgiving is a great time for families to get together and it sets the stage for the holiday season. The holidays can be challenging though, with family dynamics that can be less than ideal. It's good when we all can get along. 

In this issue, our commentary, It's Simple. Be Nice. It's Good for Business! touches on the value of effective communication. Good communication skills are a plus to have in our personal and our professional lives. 

With Thanksgiving coming, many of you will want to work off that awesome meal. This is the perfect tie in to SuccessFit, a new FPT content component. We are presenting information from a variety of contributors on how fitness impacts our personal lives and business success. 

You are invited to post what you like doing to stay active in the new FreePromoTips SuccessFit Facebook Group
You also have the opportunity to get some quality products from a group of great companies in our
SuccessFit "Exercise" Fundraiser at the PPAI Expo benefitting PPEF. Details are below. 

Have an awesome Thanksgiving! 

Jeff Solomon, MAS

Get Cool Stuff!  Be Motivated!
Support Education!
FreePromoTips.com SuccessFit presents content from a variety of contributors on how fitness impacts personal health and business success.

At the PPAI Expo in January we will have a fun "Exercise" that enables you to connect with some quality companies and receive cool Success Fit products.

You won't break a sweat
in this "Exercise".
Participation enables you to
receive things you will use 
you can show your clients. 

To support the Promotional Products Education Foundation (PPEF) and to identify participants, a modest
$9.60 donation is requested. This amount commemorates
PPEF's 96 scholarship recipients in 2014-2015.

NOW is the Time to Register!
The Cutoff Date in Coming Soon!
Suppliers need time to produce
FPT SuccessFit products before the Expo.
100% of this participation fee goes directly 
to PPEF supporting education scholarship

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It's Simple. Be Nice.
It's Good for Business!

Good communication leads to good relationships and good relationships are good for business. This applies to both our personal and professional lives. 

Whether you are on the distributor or supplier side of our industry, your business is based on selling something. To ultimately be successful selling, you need to start with being a good communicator.
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