November 2017 - In This Issue:
After three people suggested it was time for me to update my website, I decided to take the hint. Things have changed in the last ten years. No surprise there.
So, I have been reading reviews and articles on domain names, website hosting companies, and SEO (search engine optimization). I have researched website design companies and looked at lots of websites for inspiration.
It's been educational and a bit overwhelming. I am so happy to have hired someone to be on my team to assist me. And now I would like to enlist your help. I would love to get your feedback, which will help us design the new website.

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I'd like to offer a few resources that I think you might like. Thank you to friends and workshop participants who shared these great ideas with me.
ABC's Gratitude Practice - If you have trouble falling asleep, start with "A" and think of someone or something that you are grateful for, perhaps Alice or apple. Then move through the alphabet, thinking of who or what you are grateful for with each letter. Feel free to stop at any letter to think about that person or thing in more detail. If nothing comes to you for a particular letter, move on to the next letter. I can pretty much guarantee that you will fall asleep before you reach "Z".
Pomodoro Technique - To improve your focus, try setting a timer for a short amount of time, say 25 minutes, and then work on just one project or task during that period. Then take a break. You may choose whether to go back to that project or do something else. The link describes the technique in detail; however, you may want to begin by keeping it simple.
Locating Yourself: A Key to Conscious Leadership - An animated video that explores "Are you above the line? Open, Curious, and Committed to learning or
are you Below the line? Closed, Defensive, and Committed to being right".
Is it time to explore something new in your life?

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