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March 2012 - Vol 3   

Issue 03    

Battle Ship to scan

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TNG Visual Effects

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About TNG Visual Effects



We are 3D scanning service providers and specialists in the creation of photorealistic cg models for visual effects in the entertainment industry.



Battle Ship to scan
Meet Ken James

Ken James has been involved in the development of many productions over the past twenty years. As a producer who has worked in all aspects of the entertainment industry, he brings a broad range of experience to TNG Visual Effects. Specifically, his expertise in photography makes him a great addition to our team of scan technicians. His friendly demeanor will ensure the 3D scanning experience is an enjoyable one for our clients.  


Custom Digital Assets









Digital Times


Transition from Creative Thought to Reality with Digital Assets


The digital age is here, and you might already know this. The time is coming when every production will be all digital. For movies, this will include the set environment, foreground, elements or props, characters, plus the action taking place on the stage. If you're producing commercials, television episodes, video games, documentaries, etc, how long will you wait before including the necessary digital assets needed to cut time and cost?


We now have scanners for small objects, people, animals, cars, buildings (inside and out) plus most other things that need to be digitally created. Recently, we scanned a historical locomotive (circa 1864). In the past we have scanned cars, ships, buildings, tanks, etc. We've also scanned an entire 2 block area of buildings including both sides of the street. We will help you find a solution to creating the digital assets you need for your production.


Battle Ship to scan
TNG Visual Effects scanned this train built in 1864 at full scale.


As we move into the future more digital content will be needed to support more than 500 channels on TV, all the movies headed to the big screen, commercials, and print ads on magazines and billboards. We haven't even begun mentioning all the video games that will be produced. And remember, you'll want to be able to cross platforms with customizable resolution for screen sizes ranging from large screen to tablet to smart phone.


As we prepare for the future by building in the present, we can use our knowledge from the past to help us turn our creative thought into reality. Paying attention to current trends also aids us in this endeavor.  No, the time for 100% digital is not today or tomorrow, but it is coming. More producers and directors have increased their usage of digital assets. As time goes on that percentage will continue to increase. We are ready now, and will be here to help you get the data you need to include more digital assets in your production.




Coming Alive

Dynamic 3D Cloth for Film, Television and Games 


After we have meticulously 3D scanned and modeled your character to your specifications, TNG Visual Effects is proud to announce our support of dynamic cloth to bring your characters to the next level in hyper-realism. Dynamic cloth takes into account the actual material properties of fabric and applies the laws of physics (including gravity, inertia, wind and other forces) to deliver unparalleled realism. The generation of dynamic cloth is a time consuming process.  Let our trained cloth designers build your characters' clothing to your exact specifications and help you achieve your goals. 


TNG Visual Effects will soon be able to deliver unparalleled realism in your future film and television work by supporting dynamic cloth in both 3DS Max and Maya using the bundled toolset included in both packages. No matter what software you use, we can help you meet your deadlines faster. 


Dynamic Cloth Teaser Trailer.mp4
Dynamic Cloth Teaser Trailer via YouTube


If you're creating video games, TNG Visual Effects also supports the Nvidia APEX physics toolset enabling your characters to be seamlessly integrated into popular 3d engines, such as The Unreal Development Kit, CryEngine 3 and Unity. 


We are currently working on these elements to bring the final look closer to realism all the time. For us it is a labor of fulfillment. We strive to make the best use of our current technology and create the tools you need for your production. All of these elements are very important in the future as the part virtual characters play increases as time marches on. Please stay tuned in and connected as we continue to exhibit samples of our products. 


 A Note from Technology Veteran, Nick Tesi

We 3D scan people, animals, cars, trucks, props, buildings, and everything else. We are building virtual worlds through digital assets. I've heard artists, and actors comment, "You are putting me out of work." This is really not the case at all.


The industry seems to be in a constant state of evolution or change. We are all subject to it, and thus we should embrace it, looking for ways to make it work for us.


I am optimistic about the future and choose to look forward to what lies ahead. I want to make it better. My advice is to embrace life's changes and enjoy it. Together, let's look forward with great expectations that the future will bring us more exciting and fantastic ways to create content. 




What can our team do for you?


"Nick and his team at TNG did a large scanning project for Zoic that required a very quick turnaround. On a day's notice, he flew out of state, scanned all night on location, and came back the next day to start delivering models for our use.  Nick definitely went the extra mile for us!" 


--Doug Ludwig, Visual Effects Supervisor at Zoic Studio




Battle Ship to scan

In Conclusion 

We at TNG Visual Effects are continually looking for better ways to serve the entertainment industry by providing an excellent experience for our clients. Thank you for taking the time to review our newsletter. If you have any questions, or would like to consider TNG Visual Effects in your next bid, please contact us.


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