First Annual Alternative health and Lifestyle Festival
It's a party... just for you!
Join us for
The First Annual Alternative Health and Lifestyle Festival
"CEE Yourself Today Campaign" Experience!

If you work or reside in any of these counties*, this is a celebration of you; of what's possible for you and how you can make this your best year ever.

Imagine, entering contests to win valuable prizes provided by sponsors you know and love, participating lively games (eg. make me smile game), workshops and demonstrations, featuring over 28 life serving products, modalities and services.

Then, imagine learning from some of the top experts on wellness and well being at 1 of 2 main-stages and celebrate mind, body, heart and soul live entertainment. What if there were four "big tent" marketplaces to choose from and a specialty food court, to explore the many available options for leading a healthy, sustainable, thriving lifestyle from over 225 sponsors and vendors that are available to you right in Central Florida. Now what if you looked out into the crowd and see a sea of colors all having pledged to lead a healthy, sustainable, thriving lifestyle for an entire year.

Now imagine being one of the colors in that sea of colors. Then imagine coming away with the knowing there is another possibility and that possibility begins with you.

Well firstname, it's not an imagination, it's a reality. All this is in
progress and climaxes with the celebration of you, in a one day festival experience, on May 4th at Orlando Festival Park. The fun part is it's already started.  And you? You get to be the light of the party when you pledge to lead a healthy, sustainable thriving, lifestyle right here in Central Florida.

For 1 year you can grab a symbol or reminder of your pledge by wearing the official "CEE Yourself Today Campaign Experience" Pledge T-shirts. There are many ways to grab a T-shirt and some are no-cost.  So head on over to this link to learn more and grab your Pledge T-shirt today.

May 4, 2014  
From 10am to 6pm
Orlando Festival Park,
2911 Robinson Avenue 
Orlando, FL 32803
Disney Employee's can double your support by becoming a supporter
up to $15,000
Yes that's right Disney is supporting this campaign with their 100% Matching Gift Donations up to $15,000.  Visit our supporters page for details here;
This Offer Expires 05/042014. And you will be able to "level up" on the perks offered just by supporting this campaign as a Disney Employee.  Wahoo Disney! .

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