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Today marks an important moment for the organization and I am excited to share this news with you. As many of you know, this past year the Council has been engaged in an intensive strategic planning process. The new vision, to apply a broad gender lens to issues that relate to our identities, economic well-being and environments, is already being implemented. In recent weeks, we have shared information about the expanded network and new programmatic tools.

As the final phase of the planning process, the Board has selected a new organizational name. The National Council for Research on Women is now:


The organization began exploring a name change in response to feedback received during our 2013 Presidential Listening Tour, our strategic planning environmental scan and our desire to reflect our new mission and vision. The name exploration process included interviews with a sampling of approximately 60 stakeholders to solicit input and feedback on name options. Our logo and tagline reflect much of our new strategic direction, which is illustrated in this video.

Further information about our new logo and tagline, and an overview of our Strategic Plan are below.

If you have not already, I encourage you to join our network. Re:Gender looks forward to working with you to advance gender equity.

Warm regards,

Aine Duggan

Áine Duggan

P.S. Going forward, e-mails will be sent from Please add to your contact list.

In This Update

01. More About Our Logo and Tagline
02. Mission
03. Vision
04. Strategic Approach: Embracing Difference to Advance Research-Based Action
05. Program Focus Areas
06. New Programmatic Tools
07. Network Description
08. Join Our Network

More About Our Logo and Tagline

The Tagline: research. rethink. reframe.

  • A nod to both the research, policy and practice composition of our network and our work to collectively change the way gender is thought of and treated in society

The Logo:

The symbol underneath the �re,� a modern interpretation of an Awen symbol, conveys multiple ideas:

  • The concept of �three� captures the organization�s three-pronged, cross-sector network (research, policy, and practice)
  • Gender is not a binary. It is a spectrum that is influenced by all aspects of our identities, including age, race, class, culture, etc.; matching the color in the symbol reinforces that message
  • It lies flat and underneath the �re� to emphasize the network�s role in �regarding� and to be suggestive of a multidirectional flow of information

The tagline is purposefully placed under �gender� to convey that gender is the subject of the researching, rethinking, and reframing.

Strategic Plan Overview


Re:Gender works to end gender inequity and discrimination against girls and women by exposing root causes and advancing research-informed action. Working with multiple sectors and disciplines, we are shaping a world that demands fairness across difference.


Re:Gender envisions a world in which gender and sex are not used to determine one�s worth or opportunity. Our work questions the values placed on gender and sex, e.g., female/feminine is worth less than male/masculine. By bringing to light how assumptions about gender and sex restrict all members of society, we prompt people to shift their understanding and behavior. We believe that when difference, as expressed through gender, sex, and the other layers of identity, is valued equally, all individuals and institutions can achieve their full potential.

Strategic Approach: Embracing Difference to Advance Research-Based Action

Re:Gender's unique role is in facilitating better alignment between academic research agendas and the practical information needs of policy, advocacy, corporate and community groups. To advance gender equity, our society needs more creative problem-solving approaches. Difference is the fire starter that sparks collective curiosity and feeds the fire of creativity and innovation. Difference is our core value.

Program Focus Areas

Identity: Addressing discrimination based on gender (including intersections with race/ethnicity, class, ability, nationality, age, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, immigration status, etc.)

Economic Well-Being: Issues of economic justice, work fairness, and business leadership

Thriving Environments: From personal safety (e.g., sexual assault) to community (e.g., civic leadership) to global (e.g., climate change) concerns

New Programmatic Tools

Re:Gender's strategic plan establishes new tools that will be the primary vehicles for programming. Network member contributions will support and drive the success of many of the tools. They are:

Gender Stat: A snapshot of quantitative metrics related to the status of gender; produced throughout the year and published as a collection annually; the long-term goal is to create a web-based, aggregated and non-aggregated research and information clearinghouse on the status of gender in the U.S.

Annual conference: An opportunity for the entire network to explore research related to an annual theme

Summits and round tables: Virtual and in-person convenings to connect individuals and institutions working on different aspects of the same issue

Literature reviews: A survey of research and commentary on a specific topic, developed with members of the network

Primers: Explainers on gender-related topical issues and debates, including commentary by members of the network

Corporate Circle tools & tips: Take-aways on gender research related to challenges specific to corporate environments

Network Description

Re:Gender's network connects research, policy, and practice to end gender inequity. The network is comprised of national, state, and local-level cross-sector individuals and institutions. Institutions include cross-sector representation from academia, business, government, labor, philanthropy, and nonprofit organizations--such as social justice, cultural, health-related, and women�s organizations. Individual members include advocates, change agents, policy thinkers, practitioners, public intellectuals, researchers and other allies.

The network offers members opportunities to:

  • Share your research
  • Source research you need
  • Identify research gaps
  • Contribute to the Re:Gender's web-based programming
  • Receive the Re:Gender's e-news updates
  • Participate in relevant round tables and programmatic initiatives (based on topic)
  • Participate in the Re:Gender's conference as a presenter

Join Our Network

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