February 1, 2017

From time to time we all need help figuring things out. Some folks read books or talk to friends but oftentimes the emotional and/or spiritual knots are wound too tightly. That is when it's helpful to find people skilled in mental/emotional/spiritual health. A healthy person knows when they need specialized coaching and counseling. I recently went to the funeral of an extended in-law who committed suicide. He had a history of chronic depression and the recent death of his mother (we all suppose) put him over the edge. I think of all the would've, could've, should'ves that were missed. That's why this resource on area counselors is so valuable. You don't need to be on the brink of suicide to see a coach or counselor. Sometimes a yearly tune-up is all you need to be in ship-shape mental health.

Lynn & Dee LaFroth
Discovering Your Path: The Creative Process
By Laure Schwartz

Do you feel like you are on someone else's path? This direction you are currently taking does not feel like your own or that it belongs to a stranger? I often discover when in session with clients that are coming in for anxiety or depression that this doubt of personal direction needs to be allowed with compassionate curiosity and exploration.

You may have taken on your parents' ideal direction and image or society's ideal for yourself. You may have not chosen any direction so as not to "fail." There can be many reasons to now reconsider what it is that you really want out of your one life. READ MORE>>
Jayne Kane
When You Need Help Getting Unstuck, Turn to a Life Coach for Help
By Rachel M. Anderson

Feeling stuck? Not sure what to do differently to get back your zest for life? If so, the time may have come to begin working with a life coach.

A well-trained coach can help you set the right goals and stay motivated. He or she can empower you on matters having to do with your career and/or personal challenges.

Life coaching is a career Jayne Kane of Carver County, Minn., feels she was born to pursue. "I have always loved helping people," she said. "As early as high school, my friends would come to me with their problems. Apparently, I was a good listener and didn't even know it." READ MORE>>

alan pritz 2017
Rev. Alan Pritz, Interfaith Minister

Rev. Alan Pritz is an Interfaith Minister with 40+ yrs. experience in meditation training and spiritual counseling/life coaching. Selected by US Army Reserves as Meditation & Life-Balance Provider and designated provider for BCBS MN, Rev. Alan helps clients address spiritual growth & life issues from a higher-perspective. Specialties include: individual or couple's meditation/spiritual practice instruction; relationship issues; work-life balance; anxiety; depression; meaning & purpose; career; transitions; sexuality; eating; finances; and more. Author of award-winning book, Meditation as a Way of Life. Free initial consultations. 612-721-4100.
laurie burgess
The Yellow Rose Farm        
The Yellow Rose and Heartwood Holistic Counseling offer Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Coaching, Psychotherapeutic Reiki, and Intuitive Energy Coaching.
     Using intuition, energy healing, and/or horses, Lindsay and Laurie help facilitate the process of discovering the essence of your being. By uncovering core values and releasing old stories, we help you align your body, mind, and spirit.
     We also offer an array of workshops and retreats, and can customize a workshop or retreat for your group! Please see our website for details. Laurie Burgess, 612-801-4662.
Laure Schwartz, MA,
Psychotherapist and Spiritual Director
I integrate body, mind, and spirit to heal unresolved traumas. When left unresolved, symptoms look like anxiety, depression, addiction, feeling stuck in one's career, or lack of direction. Behaviors change when trauma is healed. Traditional counseling tries to treat symptoms but does not heal the underlying cause of behavior, leading to a feeling of failure. I use psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, and spiritual direction. Be healed, not fixed. The Healing House of Saint Paul, 338 Snelling Ave. S., St. Paul, MN 55105. 612/269-9635. laschwartz@healinghousesaintpaul.org
Growth often needs fertilizer and pruning: Let your mental/spiritual health professionals be that for you. Be sure to contact someone if you need help. It's a sign of strength, not weakness.

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