Favorite part of USA Games? "Meeting new people
and being friends with them instantly."
2018 USA Games
We arrived in Seattle strong, and we're leaving even stronger.
What a spectacular week it's been! We've had a blast in Seattle, but we can't wait to get home and show off all our medals! Team Minnesota worked hard, played hard, and will return with a feeling of pride for representing both themselves and their state so well.

Here are a few final photos from the past couple days to round out the trip.
We're better together
Here's to our fantastic teammates, coaches, family, fans, and friends we made along the way. You make every competition brighter. Thanks for being part of USA Games!
USA Games news
Here are a few articles about USA Games from across the country.
Thanks for joining us!
We hope you've enjoyed this peek into our athletes' USA Games experience these past five days. This, folks, is what Special Olympics is all about, and we're glad we could share it with you.

Our athletes are going to continue to do incredible things. Stay tuned...
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